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book review, part 1.0 — the rediscovery of man: the complete short science fiction of cordwainer smith
18 november 2017 | books

Chinese conquests of Venus, cats fighting off extra-dimensional dragons, Soviet telepathic experiments gone wrong, and much much more! Cord[...]wainer's The Rediscovery of Man is a grand, unique vision of Mankind's future and is a must read for anyone interested in a delightful journey that will both get them to ponder many new ideas and leave a smile on their face.

state of sbsa: a review of 2017 and thoughts on future directions
04 june 2017 | sbsa

I spent the past year leading the Stanford Biosciences Student Association (SBSA) as President. This post consist of the letter to the comm[...]unity I sent out at the end of my term giving some highlights of the past year, those who have helped out, and thoughts on future directions.

all quotes review: mein kampf
20 may 2017 | books

Given the historical baggage surrounding Mein Kampf it is difficult to write a review that isn't completely overtaken by Adolf Hit[...]ler's later actions. In lieu of writing a full review, I'll give a series of quotes from the book that are particularly informative. An actual review of the work will follow.

book review — private empire: exxonmobil and american power
21 march 2017 | books

A review of Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power, a book that provides an excellent view of how a large multinational cor[...]poration deals with adversity, planning on horizons unheard of in political or other arenas, and deals with hostile, often unstable governments in far flung reaches of the world. This review was written back in December 2016, but I am posting it here largely unchanged.

the long journey by johannes v. jensen — creating the definitive e-book
07 february 2017 | books

I have created an updated and corrected E-book version of Johannes V. Jensen's The Long Journey. It is easier to use on ebook read[...]ers and when using text-to-speech since header/footers and other errata have been removed from the PDF converted text. I've included HTML, EPUB, and MOBI files along with an explanation of major fixes/changes made. Enjoy!

book review — don quixote
05 february 2017 | books

How do you disentangle the period in which Don Quixote was written, it's stature as a literary classic, and all the other baggage [...]that accompany this epic? Forget all about it and just enjoy the reading experience.

book review — the revolution: a manifesto
29 january 2017 | books

An old review of The Revolution: A Manifesto, a book that is well worth revisiting from time to time.[...]

book review — the road to serfdom
25 january 2017 | books

For those willing to take the plunge, The Road to Serfdom is endlessly rewarding and well worth the intellectual effort. A [...]re-post of a book review I did back in July 2008.

book review — barbarians at the gate: the fall of rjr nabisco
07 january 2017 | books

Barbarians at the Gate is an excellent journalistic endeavor and a non-stop thrill from start to finish; highly recommended.[...]

Is Freedom Necessary? — Poster #1
31 December 2016 | designs

Challenge ideas and assumptions now: be better prepared to defend them in the future. A worthwhile read: [...].net/bnw-revisited/">

This poster is the first in a series of posters that will explore the relationship between freedom (liberty/license) and various ills plaguing society. It ultimately aims to get people thinking about calls to limit freedom, the context in which these calls arise, and what that means when taken to the extreme. #IsFreedomNecessary

book review — all the president's men
29 december 2016 | books

All the President's Men offers a compelling description of Woodward and Bernsteins investigative journalism but suffers from a nar[...]row presentation of the events surrounding Watergate and its exposure.

book review — the smartest guys in the room: the amazing rise and scandalous fall of enron
17 december 2016 | books

What an adventure. In short, the book describes the key players, their personalities, ambitions, and background, along with the financial f[...]orces at work that created the culture of Enron and thus the seeds for its dramatic rise and fall. Highly recommended.

President Trump poster no. 2
16 December 2016 | designs

President-elect Trump has mentioned several times his lack of alcohol, smoking, and drugs likely contributed in part to his success. This p[...]oster is a mock-up of a potential ad campaign style—it would be called !DAC (no drugs, alcohol, cigarettes) campaign with the tagline “Making America healthier than ever before!”—albeit with a darker tone than would likely be used.

Donald J. Trump Campaign Poster 2016 No. 6 | Americans Edition
18 November 2016 | designs

This is an updated version of Election poster no. 9 with a focus on Americans instead of President-elect Trump. Will likely do a continuing[...] series of these posters. Description of previous copied below.

Assuming a President Trump, this is a 3-for-1 future retrospective with a style reminiscent of some older presidential posters.

Those who listen to Trump's full speeches/interviews or read his books get a dose of his boundless optimism mixed in with his more pessimistic views about the current state of the Union. Given his current run of policy speeches, focused the poster on the former trait.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Poster 2016 No. 2
28 October 2016 | designs

Presidential election 2016 poster no. 13! A Sec. Clinton triple play. For those who believe in equality in all aspects of American [...]life, Sec. Clinton's support of requiring women to register for the draft is a step towards realizing that gender should not influence one's ability to serve.

2016 Election: Truth and Propaganda
27 October 2016 | designs

Surprises and knee-jerk reactions can arise from a fear of wading into the deep, dark swamps where the truth is oft found.[...]

Jill Stein Campaign Poster 2016 No. 1
18 October 2016 | designs

Presidential election 2016 poster no 11! Completing the major candidates set. Even if one doesn't agree with all of her posi[...]tions or worldview, it is worth listening to Dr. Stein's speeches and interviews along with evaluating her stances in greater detail. Might come away with a new idea or two.

Donald J. Trump Campaign Poster 2016 No. 7
04 October 2016 | designs

While everyone focuses on the predictable, over-the-top sayings of one candidate, sometimes it is another's more subtly dicey pronouncement[...]s that cause sweat to start trickling down one's brow.

It may be shrewder to continuously complement—rather than smear with cries of "dictator!"—an elected President who brought prosperity to a crumbling, dispirited, nuclear-armed nation.

Donald J. Trump Campaign Poster 2016 No. 6
14 September 2016 | designs

Assuming a President Trump, this is a 3-for-1 future retrospective with a style reminiscent of some older presidential posters. Tho[...]se who listen to Trump's full speeches/interviews or read his books get a dose of his boundless optimism mixed in with his more pessimistic views about the current state of the Union. Given his current run of policy speeches, focused the poster on the former trait.

2016 presidential election campaign posters
28 august 2016 | politics

A series of posters about the 2016 presidential election. They will focus on the candidates themselves along with how the public reacts to,[...] and is manipulated by, the election as a whole.

Donald J. Trump Campaign Poster 2016 No. 5
26 August 2016 | designs

All the hoary takedowns of Trump and his supporters seem to ignore that many may simply desire another Reagan, TR, or JFK rather than a Wil[...]son, LBJ, or Nixon.

Re: poster, President Trump would be the one audacious enough to declare and wheel-n-deal to get the budget for and excitement behind an American landing on Mars by the end of his second term, yielding to untold technological/scientific benefits similar to the Apollo program.

Gary Johnson Campaign Poster 2016 No. 1
18 August 2016 | designs

Time to get rid of the negative all talk, no action mindset of "You are wasting your vote by voting third party this election", e[...]tc., etc. If you are on the right side of history and want to improve a failed system, do it now! Just like the Founding Fathers did.

2016 Election: Power and the Presidency
04 August 2016 | designs

I'll keep hammering on the need for more positive, high energy surrounding election coverage. What appears to be lacking in the disc[...]ourse surrounding modern Presidential elections is: would people become so impassioned if the Presidency was still constitutionally limited (to Article II)?

Donald J. Trump Campaign Poster 2016 No. 4
20 July 2016 | designs

Sixth in the 2016 Presidential poster series. The poster is self-explanatory. Trump is now the GOP nominee. There needs to be more p[...]ositive, high energy in this election season. That is all.

American Exceptionalism no. 1
04 July 2016 | designs

No context needed, America is awesome. Celebrating Independence Day![...]

Donald J. Trump Campaign Poster 2016 No. 3
07 June 2016 | designs

Fifth in the 2016 Presidential poster series. Went to a Trump rally in San Jose last Thursday (June 2nd) to see what they are like i[...]n person. It was very (positive) high energy and the people I met were courteous, even when noting I wasn't a supporter.

Left the rally and stayed around to observe the anti-Trump protesting (rioting) after. Also high energy, but in a physically violent, intolerant, and nasty way. A complete disgrace.

This poster focuses on the positive high energy.

Bernie Sanders Campaign Poster 2016 no. 1
01 June 2016 | designs

2016 Presidential poster number 4. During speeches, Senator Sanders has delved into America's past to show when the hand of governme[...]nt helped push the United States to new heights. Wanted to honor the loftier aspects of his rhetoric with a poster to match.

Additional high energy posters forthcoming...

Donald J. Trump Campaign Poster 2016 No. 2
09 May 2016 | designs

Part 3 in the 2016 Presidential campaign poster series. "Under budget and ahead of schedule" is an easy to remember phras[...]e. Fits Trump's campaign rhetoric, so here's the poster. Originally was a direct numbers-to-numbers comparison with all the other candidates, but that got a little busy...

Hillary Clinton Campaign Poster 2016 No. 1
09 May 2016 | designs

Continuing the 2016 Presidential campaign poster series. Wanted this one to be simple and to the point before designing a more elaborate on[...]e for Senator Clinton.

Donald J. Trump Campaign Poster 2016
09 February 2016 | designs

Wanted to make a series of 2016 presidential candidate posters like I did for the 2012 race. The first is for Donald Trump and focused on e[...]mphasizing his general goals rather than specifics. They were also left appropriately vague to allow the viewer to interpret them through their own lens/opinions on the issues.

movie review: the revenant
15 january 2016 | movies

The Revenant is a beautiful, haunting, and brutal tale of a man's struggle against nature, himself, and his fellow man. And at the[...] same time, it is one of those brilliantly conceived movies that uses screen time to allow the audience to meditate and reflect on what they have just witnessed. Go see this movie.

book review: harmony black
07 january 2016 | books

Harmony Black starts with an old premise, there is[...] a normal and magical world, and barely builds on it. If you are looking for a fun weekend read, this book will fit the bill. But don't expect to come away with a novel view on the world or a new set of wondrous ideas to mull over.

movie review: star wars the force awakens
21 december 2015 | movies

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is an okay movie when viewed through the eyes of an adult, but is a fun, entertaining movie if you go in with [...]a twelve year old's mindset. It pushes the right buttons and has a good amount of fan service. But it ultimately fails as a standalone movie—with its boring/predictable plot, rehashed characters and concepts, and other flaws—that will ultimately be remembered as good or bad depending on how episodes VIII and IX turn out.

why you should watch black mirror
29 november 2015 | television

Black Mirror is a unique and ever timely experience. The vignettes are spot on and while each explores a different aspect of our interactio[...]n with technology, the internet, and social media, there is an underlying dystopian view of the world that unifies the whole series. Watch it.

book review: steve jobs - walter isaacson
31 october 2015 | books

Walter Isaacson has done an admirable job of trying to tackle such a complicated biographical subject. But for many aspects of his life, fr[...]om his childhood upbringing to his relationship with Patty Jobs to his time at NeXT, the book is lacking.

book review: the power broker
17 september 2015 | books

As has been stated many times, Robert Caro has written a tome that will show you in minute detail how a man manipulated the law, people, an[...]d money to obtain, use, and abuse power in quest to reshape NYC. It is absorbing, thrilling, informative, and much more. Read this book.

graduate student resources
19 august 2015 | graduate school

Providing links to some articles and other resources that I have found useful while in graduate school. I'll continually update the list as[...] I find more.

book review: capital in the twenty-first century
29 july 2015 | books

A flawed and deceitful rant against free markets in the guise of an objective analysis about the dynamics of capital. Piketty focuses almos[...]t exclusively on the inequality of wealth/capital and its accumulation. He then spends vast portions of the book attempting to put this inequality in a bad light without clearly articulating why. Couple that with a tendency to qualify every claim so as to avoid taking a definitive stand and you have a book that leaves you more confused and less informed about the topic, the dynamics of capital, than you entered with.

I'll update this review as I continue to chew over the book's many claims/assertions.

review of mad max: fury road
02 june 2015 | movies

A gorgeously shot film that is hampered by a spartan story that never really goes anywhere and action that becomes repetitive by the end of[...] the first act.

on the subject of something: reviving an old website
12 may 2015 | website

On the Subject of Something was my original blog during high-school and early college. My Opera (the site it was hosted on) closed down and[...] I was unaware of this fact during the grace period during which they allowed users to export the content from their website. However, I am extremely grateful to the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine, which allowed me to recover many of the webpages. I've included links to all the relevant posts that I could recover. Enjoy!

john f. kennedy
12 May 2015 | designs

Decided to begin finishing my series of presidential posters. The best part of JFK's 'We choose to go to the Moon' speech isn't necessarily[...] the actual goal, but the justification for why we want to achieve that goal.

a shifty conversation
19 april 2015 | short story

This short harkens back to some of the older short stories I used to write that focused on word play. It also allows me to hide some of the[...] story and clues as to its meaning within the structure of the punctuation and grammar itself, which is always fun. Plus, gets me back in the mode of posting short stories, especially as I try and finish some of the longer ones I have been working on.

book review: zero to one
20 march 2015 | books

A short review of the excellent Zero to One, mostly analyzing an important question it ask early on: "What important truth do very few[...] people agree with you on?"

book review: the old man's war
13 february 2015 | books

A brilliant science fiction novel that raises many questions and sets up an intriguing universe.[...]

dynamic goodreads sass formatting
18 january 2015 | programming

Putting up some code that might be useful to others when formatting Goodreads widgets using dynamic class creation in SASS.[...]

interstellar review: was this the final cut?
17 december 2014 | movies

A review of Christopher Nolan's latest movie Interstellar. To put it briefly, rarely has a movie so vastly deviated from my expect[...]ations going in. And not in a good way.

neuroscience and biology technologies
30 november 2014 | neuroscience

Earlier this year I created a webpage to list various labs, websites, and other resources related to neuroscience and biotechnology. Decide[...]d to expand on this and create a living document of various technologies currently used in neuroscience.

American Eagle
10 October 2014 | designs

Decided to continue playing around with Illustrator. Wanted to update the bald eagle with a USA flag wallpaper I have. Wanted something a l[...]ittle different and distinct, so went for the cel-shaded look. Maybe next time i'll get an eagle in flight...

Stanford biology retreat 2014 tshirt
06 September 2014 | designs

Simple design I had for the Stanford biology 2014 retreat. Focused on a molecular structure of DNA and a pipette, a commonly used device in[...] biology.

book review: the path to power
29 august 2014 | books

The Path to Power (The Years of Lyndon Johnson) is a sweeping tale about the early years of LBJs life and political career. It is easily on[...]e of the best books I've read in awhile and would heartily recommend to others. Here i'll do a brief review of the book.

book review: the power of myth
11 august 2014 | books

Recently finished The Power of Myth, which covers interviews with Joseph Campbell about myths, and was greatly disappointed. I'll [...]briefly outline why in this review.

evolving actaeon
16 july 2014 | short story

Wanted to quickly turn an idea that came up during a conversation into a short story. Touches on ideas of genetic engineering and cockfight[...]ing.

reading list and book mini-reviews
21 may 2014 | books

Below is the current crop of books I'm reading along with ratings and mini-reviews for other novels I've recently finished. I'm always exci[...]ted to start a new book, so recommendations are welcome!

neuroscience and biology resources
09 may 2014 | science

A continually updated repository of scientific resources (journals, blogs, etc.) in biology with a focus on neuroscience.[...]

custom colormaps in matlab
09 may 2014 | programming

A function to easily create custom colormaps in Matlab.[...]

an exhaustive search for the truth
18 april 2014 | short story

The project had started out with a simple question: would it be faster to assemble complete knowledge about all truths past, present, and f[...]uture through scientific inquiry or via brute force computation?

2042: antibiotics
29 march 2014 | short story

A micro story about antibiotics.[...]

sochi olympic stats: medal count
19 february 2014 | america

There have been several articles that re-order the medal count ranking by comparing medals to population or GDP, which then show small coun[...]tries topping the charts. This analysis ignores some obvious facts: small countries are over-represented in the number of athletes they send and the relationship between athletes sent and medals is linear. I present a brief analysis to support and expand on these claims.

dealing with variable options (varargin) in matlab
17 february 2014 | programming

There are various ways to handle variable input arguments (varargin) in Matlab. I present the standard method i use that is relatively flex[...]ible and allows for readable code.

r functions: city skylines
28 december 2013 | programming

An artistic rendering of Boston's skyline using R. Code and source data are included.[...]

city skylines: boston
28 December 2013 | designs

The heights of various buildings in Boston's skyline, converted into polar coordinates and randomly grouped.[...]

coding practices, part 1
10 december 2013 | programming

Some thoughts on coding practices and an outline of a work-flow that i find useful when starting any project. Future posts will focus on co[...]ncrete examples.

interaction space
03 november 2013 | short story

What is a conversation?[...]

excess humanity
26 october 2013 | short story

The point was nearing when humanity needed to optimize the population. And so the question arose: how many humans do we need?[...]

passing command-line parameters to imagej
11 october 2013 | programming

The processes of passing command-line parameters to ImageJ plugins isn't the most direct. Illustrated is a simple solution to this problem,[...] full code included.

the human abstraction
06 october 2013 | short story

How much effort would you expend to abstract man?[...]

blue bubble pop
25 august 2013 | short story

If you are reading this—the book should be entitled BLUe buBBle PoP, not blue bubble pop or Bl[...]ue Bubble Pop or even bluE bubblE poP as the backwards pinkle squishes are like to do, but BLUe buBBle PoP—then you’ve found the world of pink raspberry. Now, one might ask, what is pink raspberry?
What happens when you are sitting in a room waiting for an experiment to finish.

r functions: knitr wrapper
13 july 2013 | programming

Thought i'd share the wrapper function i use to knit files using the excellent knitr[...] package in R. This allows easy creation of an html page that integrates commentary, R code, and the resulting plots (which are base64 encoded, so the html file is fully portable).

from the archives: declaration of independence, internet edition
11 july 2013 | america

A revised Declaration of Independence I did awhile ago (i.e. high school) for a writing class. It is slightly a mockery of the style of wri[...]ting sometimes used back then, e.g. finding unnecessarily complicated ways of saying a simple concept; long, ponderous sentences; and an abuse of the Capital.

thomas jefferson
10 July 2013 | designs

He got us the Louisiana Purchase and wrote the Declaration of Indepedence. Enough said.[...]

gantis: toward the edge
28 june 2013 | short story

The first in a series of short stories exploring a universe in which our negative space (i.e. space) is turned into their positive space (i[...].e. matter) and vice-versa. Thus, it is like the entire universe is a series of caves that they must excavate. This story introduces a few key characters, explore a bit of the lore, and is an attempt by me to write a story in which a clearer light is shone on a relationship between two characters. More to come, enjoy!

bash scripting: randomly rename files
13 june 2013 | programming

Small script to enable quick randomization of files in a directory and conversion back to original names later. Original inspiration was a [...]way to blind data analysis, e.g. if studying images from an experiment and don't want to be biased by the conditions applied.

global history of architecture
08 june 2013 | architecture

One of my favorite classes at MIT was 4.605 (Global History of Architecture), which explored various styles and themes found throughout dif[...]ferent buildings and other types of architecture from the beginning of civilization to the present. In the spirit of sharing my enthusiasm for the course i'll discuss some takeaways from, and have included a couple papers i wrote for, the class.

r functions: ggplot barplot with errorbars
06 june 2013 | programming

The best way to create a barplot with errorbars using ggplot in R is not obvious. I'll show a super simple solution.[...]

brain initiative notes
27 may 2013 | neuroscience

This is a continually updated collection of news, ideas/findings, and other tidbits related to the [...]n/' target='_blank'>BRAIN initiative, promising biotechnologies, and neuroscience/biology in general. This is a really exciting time in neuroscience and I hope to capture a bit of that here.

¿qué es la calle?
24 may 2013 | short story | spanish

Había terminado y salé para mi cocina. Tenía hambre pero este día no había comida dentro de mi despensa. Me fui y caminé hacienda[...] la Tport—una máquina que puede transportar una persona a otro lugar sin energía y tiempo. Cuando entré la máquina, toqué algunos botónes y esperé. Pero nada ocurrió y lo hice las mismas acciones otra vez—y nada ocurrió.

How would the disappearance of streets affect the social fabric? This short story briefly (in castellano!) explores a world in which instantaneous, free transport is possible. Meant mainly to practice my spanish, i plan to follow-up with a more detail story in the future.

bash scripting: youtube downloading macro
17 may 2013 | programming

<p> Once again, the command line is the root of all that is good in the world. This time, it has helped improve on a long[...]-standing issue for me: what is the easiest way to get a copy of all the <a href='' target='_blank'>luscious melodies</a> i hear on youtube? Courtesy of <a href='' target='_blank'>youtube-dl</a>, a nifty little command line utility, this problem has been solved. However, every once in awhile it throws errors and i wanted a wrapper bash script to take care of this and some other processing. I'll briefly go over the code. </p>

bio42: notes
12 may 2013 | teaching

<p>While teaching bio42 (cell biology and animal physiology) I created weekly notes to help students in my section study [...]and focus on the important materials presented in the class. I built off of the latex boilerplate that I have been improving over time to create weekly notes. This highlights why I love <a href='' target='_blank'>LaTeX</a> so much, especially for larger projects that are heavily linked&mdash;it allows easy annotation, indexing, creation of new document styles, and other related processes rapidly and consistently. Plus, separating content and style is always a plus and images stay uncoupled from a propriety source (e.g. Word files). </p> <p>I really love the resulting notes and student feedback was quite positive. I thought sharing them might be useful for others in the future. The source latex files and raw images can be sent upon request (I'm considering making a Github repository in the future). I'll briefly talk about the document below and certain decisions that were made to get it to its current state. </p>

club coat check stats: part 1
19 April 2013 | designs

Made a script to access the facebook api, extract information from our group and parse the data for youtube links. Kept the date posted and[...] other information then graphed the contributions of each user over time. Axis and other flourishes have been removed to focus on the aesthetics of the graph.

Cheyne-Stoke Respiration
12 April 2013 | designs

One can create art with data, many have proven that with beautiful infographics or dazzling company reports. I thought using R[...]ong> to create an artistic rendering of a normally mundane process would be neat. I created a graphic based on Cheyne-Stokes respiration with the help of ggplot package. I think the resulting work has a sci-fi feel to it, almost like it could be a symbol for a corporation should the sinusoidal lobes be made solid.

Note: The black line is the breathing rate while the red and blue interlocking lines signify aponea and hyperponea, respectively.

sharing minds
26 march 2013 | short story

We had just met and she knew everything about me: where I'd come from, job, favorite books, hideaway where I went to think, special Sun[...]day bike routes, time of day I woke and slept, first time abroad, family members' names, secret hobbies, wants, desires, people I abhorred, my first love...everything.

What if you could access all of another's memory? What would you do?

from the archives: poems, part 1
24 march 2013 | poems

A couple of my old poems from way back when, with minor edits. Enjoy.[...]

bash scripting: playlist maker
23 march 2013 | programming

Decided to take another stab at converting small programs to bash. This time, the python playlist maker was updated to bash and greatly sim[...]plified, no longer need to do sketchy recursions.

Catalase Reaction
09 March 2013 | designs

An old, proposed catalase mechanism I pieced together from various sou[...]rces and made in ChemDraw. Need to go back and verify it at some point...

Neural Network Diagram
08 March 2013 | designs

Short diagram for bio42 illustrating several types of neural networks:[...] self-, feed-forward, and lateral inhibition along with a model of pain and instestinal peristalsis.

Hypothalamus thermoregulation
02 March 2013 | designs

Made this for bio42 physiology section. Wanted to convey how the hypot[...]halamus responds to inputs in an easy to understand way. Started to use more colors in diagrams and different hues to make it easier to look at.

bash scripting: batch file renamer
25 february 2013 | programming

Bit by bit, I have replaced repetitive tasks completed using downloaded programs with scripts that do the same thing more efficiently, with[...]out the residual registry and file junk many programs leave, and with the flexibility to allow me to modify the script to suite specific needs in the future. This was the case with batch renaming files. I've included the script and briefly go over the code.

club coat check logo
23 February 2013 | designs

Wanted to improve the logo slightly by added the original club coat ch[...]eck logo from the website I made along with making the text style more blocky, to better align with the slick, modern feel. The background is sci-fi in feel, but the pastel gives the whole logo a slight retro feel.

simrun: stage one
18 february 2013 | short story

I bobbed my head up and down, the music reaching a crescendo. My arms lay stretched out in front of me and I did a few punching motions[...]. Rotating my head, I look to my left and right then down at my feet. My laces were undone. And the clock was ticking. 3. I gazed into the distance, where the crowd had gathered. Whooping and yelping, they were in a ravenous mood today. This was to be the big race. Not the championship. The Championship.

How would you respond to a simulated race gone awry?

bio42: diagrams, part 1
25 january 2013 | teaching

Had a couple minutes to spare before leaving lab, so decided to throw together some diagrams to help explain a couple biological pathways s[...]tudents of bio42, a bio class at Stanford I'm TAing. Hoping to make a set for each system we study. Started with vesicle budding and fusion along with muscle contraction in smooth and skeletal muscles.

Muscle Contraction
23 January 2013 | designs

This outlines smooth and skeletal muscle contraction. Trying to show s[...]imilarity in pathways for students and get the basic components down.

Vesicle Trafficking
23 January 2013 | designs

Created this for bio42, which I am TAing. Outlines the basic component[...]s of vesicle budding and fusion.

Determining Fear
24 December 2012 | designs

Wanted a quick function to determine how fearful I should be (or shoul[...]d have been) under certain scenarios at particular points in my life.

stanford bing concert hall: first impressions
15 december 2012 | stanford

Designed by architect Richard Olcott (Ennead Architects) and sound designer Dr. Yasuhisa T[...]oyota (Nagata Acoustics), the Bing Concert Hall is stunning. Robert Campbell (Fisher Dachs Associates) was on hand during the second sound check (along with Richard and Dr. Toyota) to discuss the philosophy behind the building, a bit of history, and where they hope it will be in the future. This post is my impressions of the place along with notes from their interview.

freedom in a dying world
01 december 2012 | short story

Flash, crackle, bang. Pit-pat, pit-pat, pit-pat. The flare skidded down the long, narrow tunnel that appeared to stretch downward forev[...]er. Another corridor, if you want to call the passages in this labyrinth of a make-shift cave that, ran to our right. Behind us, a sliver of light, flickering on and off, spilling in from the opening from whence we came. We all gave each other the look-n-nod, donned our breathing masks then proceeded to attach the hooks and ropes. Minutes later, one by one, we rappelled down into the abyss below...

the reporter
23 november 2012 | short story

I was blown off my feet! The entire place was a mess, people everywhere! I don't know what to say, I just...I don't know, it was just..[...].Jesus! The people, there were people all over the ground!

A new organization can 'predict' the future and uses it to get the story first rather than manipulate or prevent horrible events from occurring.

automatic python playlist creator
16 november 2012 | programming

Now that I've gotten back in the python groove somewhat, wanted to make a playlist script that recursively went through a folder, found all[...] files in a sub-folder and create a playlist from them. Implementation described and link to github repository.

BIO200 Proposal Small
11 November 2012 | designs

The graphical abstract was supposed to illustrate one hypothesis for d[...]etermining the coupling between BOLD and neuronal activity. This is the improved, more concise version.

the graphical abstract, part 1
11 november 2012 | science

The graphical abstract is an effective way to convey a complex message in an eye pleasing format that is easily digested. I wanted to creat[...]e a neuroscience-based one as it would be an extension of my work with creating graphic designs and would take advantage of my current studies. From the initial, crowded to the final, clean abstract, I'll go through my thought process and provide links to useful resources.

BIO200 Proposal
30 October 2012 | designs

The graphical abstract was supposed to illustrate one hypothesis for d[...]etermining the coupling between BOLD and neuronal activity.

justifying hyphens
21 october 2012 | website

Justified text is awesome. Clean lines align well with other elements and it doesn't produce a crazy jagged edge. But without hyphens, prob[...]lems quickly arise. Some lines have super large spaces between words and the end look is quite ugly. There are several solutions: css, server-side, and javascript.

week 9-12 | scooting along
17 october 2012 | singapore

And here it seemed I'd forgotten to write about the last exhilarating weeks in Singapore. Fear not! Beautiful buildings, a Hong Kong speed-[...]run, and more food await the eager reader.

the nobel prize browser
12 october 2012 | science

Made a small app that allows browsing of Nobel Laureates. Also provides link to their Wikipedia and Pubmed. Might expand to include picture[...]s or some publications. Enjoy!

facebook crawler and youtube api: part 1
07 october 2012 | programming

Created a small app, implemented in python and PHP, that crawls authenticated Facebook page for Youtube videos and adds them to a specified[...] user's Youtube playlist. Useful for groups that post a lot of youtube videos and want a centralized playlist to share with others. I'll go over some of the implementation details in this post.

archive everything!
01 october 2012 | notes

Archived everything in my inbox. It's awesome. Continues my general trend of simplifying. Logging off websites, only checking the news for [...]brief periods, and focusing on a core set of hobbies. Eliminating distractions and reducing information overload are doing wonders to fight off stress and keep me humming along.

Ron Paul
29 September 2012 | designs

Ron Paul often speaks the truth regarding foreign, monetary and other policies. He sheds light on the hard decisions we must face. He doesn[...]'t treat the average voter as dimwits, as other candidates do. For those, and many of reasons, he has my vote.

why we need more james polks
25 september 2012 | politics

James J. Polk expanded the territory of the United States by about one-third during his tenure. A remarkable feat. Not only that, but i[...]t was done through an astonishing three ways: territorial conquest, gold and negotiation.

Some thoughts on why we should demand less rhetoric and more pragmatism/details from our presidents.

when darkness falls
18 september 2012 | short story

<em> "You can't <strong>prove</strong> other stars exist!"<br> We lived in fear. Those in the past [...]cannot understand this fear. Swirling under the sea of anxiety is hatred, a deep abhorrence for the past and all it held. I skittered along the barren floor, my features obscure and hidden by the dearth of light. A hundred, thousand, countless years ago there was light, said the old text. But none was to be found. They warned of a time when no 'stars' would twinkle in the sky, but they were wrong. There were never stars.

What happens when the universe changes, forever hiding information about its past.

singapore: final report
16 september 2012 | singapore

Before finishing my adventures in Singapore, I was asked to put together a final report describing my experiences and where the program cou[...]ld improve. Rather than bore you with details, I've included a link to download the report. This is a draft form and I'll update the link with a finished version in the future.

citizenship, war and social networks
09 september 2012 | essay

Scott Adams recently wrote about citizenship and how the Internet [...]will bring the fall of territory-based national governments, and by extension wars. In this post I briefly highlight where he errs and give reasons why country divides will only grow sharper in the coming decades, in part due to competition for dwindling water, oil and other resources along with increasingly fraught intranational civil relations.

a lasting impression
09 september 2012 | short story

It is a century and a half in the future and I am staring at my grave. Vines crawl up the sides and bits of stone have fallen off in pl[...]aces. Across the top my name is barely visible and the dates of my birth have long since been worn away. I look around the graveyard, at my friends, enemies, confidants and others. All of them are fading, the last vestiges of their existence being worn away by wind and rain. I hear a beep to my left and sigh. The machine only gives me ten minutes per jaunt into the future. And there is no going back, only forward by ten year increments. I started it twenty-four hours ago if my watch is to be believed...

A story about a man's legacy.

guild wars 2 chef excel guide
08 september 2012 | guild wars 2

The chef's ingredients are scattered throughout the Guild Wars 2 map, but the profession is a cheap way to get 10 levels quickly. Because I[...] am OCD and would rather not read text when I can browse a spreadsheet, compiled information from a couple of sources that is more easily searchable.

who needs oxygen?
31 august 2012 | short story

We have entered into unknown territory, the nebula around us swirls with shades of pink, purple and orange and the light of stars long[...] dead. It is a breathtaking sight. There are several young stars drifting through the ether that flare and burn the sky. It has been two years since our last encounter with a solid planet and some of the crew was starting to lose it. Luckily for us, we'd been given some ridiculous suits.

A tale that examines that pressing question of all explorers: How far would you go, and what would you sacrifice, for knowledge?

George Washington
30 August 2012 | designs

People on either side, left or right, tend to disparge opponents. They misrepesent the facts and construe the truth in their favour. This a[...]nnoys me greatly and this quote from Washington's Farewell Adress Speaks to that.

Manifest Destiny
25 August 2012 | designs

A banner for our Guild Wars 2 group. President Polk helped complete th[...]e original Manifest Destiny. The font is Blackadder ITC and helps maintain the somewhat classical feel. However, the sole use of black, white and red is very modern.

flesh and blood
22 august 2012 | short story

Like many people, I was programmed to like my job, least I grow bored or suicidal. But this was the future! The biologist were supposed[...] to engineer out man's desires and policy makers slowly outlaw this barbaric practice. But it is hardly surprising that didn't happen.

A story about the future of prostitution.

week 7 and 8 | good times
20 august 2012 | singapore

Marina Bay Sands, Sydney, Haw Pa Villa and more! The good times keep rolling in Singapore.[...]

sublime text
16 august 2012 | programming

When coding, writing up blog post, or doing any other task, I generally have used Notepad++. It is a great program that au[...]tomatically detects, based on the extension, the type of code you are writing and parses the file accordingly. It is light and gets the job done, but it always felt like it could be taken to the next level. Enter Sublime Text 2, a program that seems to have everything I am looking for in a text editor and then some.

quicklinks github
12 august 2012 | programming

quicklinks is a new homepage for those looking for efficiency over lavish use of big buttons commonly seen in Firefox, Opera and other brow[...]ser's homepages. As quicklinks is still a little rough around the edges and needs to be updated, I've added it to GitHub to allow me to update it easier.

William Taft
10 August 2012 | designs

William Taft is one of the oft forgotten presidents. He was very effic[...]ient and a great problem solver, but this led to problems politically. He became a Supreme Court justice after being president.

powerpoint themes
10 august 2012 | design

Many default PowerPoint themes are too outlandish and graphics heavy for my taste. So over the last year or so, I have begun designing my o[...]wn themes for PowerPoint. I'll go over the design decisions behind a couple and provide links to download the themes.

James J. Polk
06 August 2012 | designs

James Polk was an extraordinary president who accomplished a lot in on[...]ly one term. For this reason he is my favorite president and this is a poster to that.

Benjamin Franklin
05 August 2012 | designs

Benjamin Franklin is the president that never was, a renaissance man w[...]ho masterminded much of the Revolution and helped it mature into the great nation it became.

comment system!
05 august 2012 | website

Wanted to add the ability for people to comment on this website, but delayed adding the feature until I could write the code myself. There [...]are many pre-built PHP solutions on the market (like commentator), but the original purpose of this site was to allow me to learn how to build a website from scratch. So I've implemented the comment system using about a hundred lines of code to access the MySQL database, verify inputs and display all the comments for a particular article.

ted talks
01 august 2012 | essay

Reflections on a couple TED talks.[...]

killing time
27 july 2012 | short story

I killed Time. And now I stand trial for my crimes. A short story about laziness and the pitfalls of language.[...]

week 5 and 6 | once again
21 july 2012 | singapore

Sometimes it feels like life should have a record button that nicely parses the endless stream of awesomeness that comes at you. Not a came[...]corder or microphone, but a program that understands the world, can automatically find and retrieve the most useful links then type-up a nicely formatted document to present to others. Alas, while some of this technology exist, it isn't in one nice little package. Plus, writing about Singapore is almost as fun as experiencing it. Below are some finds from my fifth and sixth week in Singapore, from adventures in Bali to savouring the taste of Ayam Goreng Pedas Ramen (super spicy!).

weatherman's god
10 july 2012 | short story

"You know Harry, I don't understand this God." "What about him Bob?" "He went through all th[...]e trouble of creating life, only to make it mortal."
"Yes, and...?"
"Well, why did he go through all the trouble of making us, if only to let us die. Seems like a waste."
"There's a lot of waste in the world Bob, this ain't no different."
"No, but think about it. He's omnipresent, no? He sees and knows all. Past, present and future. The whole shebang. But he can't make us immortal?"
"Maybe he can't. Or doesn't want to. That ever cross ya mind?"

A short story about God.

week 4 | ramping up
08 july 2012 | singapore

Massive artificial trees, beautiful orchid gardens, clubbing till late and learning about Singapore from students and labmates--this week w[...]as a blast.

02 july 2012 | essay

I have been recording down many recent and very old dreams in a Word document, which has swelled to over 7,000+ words and contains near one[...] hundred stories. The plan is to clean-up and compile all these stories into one novella that has several characters exploring the dream-worlds with some overarching story to tie it all together. Should be a fun experiment.

week 3 | up and away
02 july 2012 | singapore

Allowed a bit of a breather this week, but nonetheless still full of adventures: getting an equivalent of Montezuma's revenge (but still tr[...]udging on), visiting the awesome Mustafa Indian centre, a trip to Malaysia, biking and plenty more. Let's dive in.

short story collection
24 june 2012 | short story

The short stories that I have written will now include a link to a pdf containing all the short stories on this website and a couple others[...]. The link will stay the same, I'll just update the file from time-to-time.

Obama 2012 Poster Alt
23 June 2012 | designs

Supporting Obama, this poster tries to focus on the positive rather th[...]an the negative. I hope Obama will campaign in this style

Obama 2012 Poster
23 June 2012 | designs

Supporting Obama, this poster tries to focus on the positive rather th[...]an the negative. I hope Obama will campaign in this style

week 2 | day and night
19 june 2012 | singapore

This pace can't keep up. Saw some crazy animals at a night safari, wandered around NUS's campus late at night (the place is chaotic, beauti[...]ful and slightly eerie at night), met with SUTD's president and more. It seems that staying in Singapore for most of the summer is a go, there is so much here to find out and explore. That might also be because I severely underestimated the size of the country (e.g. don't glance at a map's scale and assume 20 miles = 2 miles, haha). Anyhow, here goes, another eventful week summarized in small snippets.

week 1 | go time
12 june 2012 | singapore

Wow, what a week. Ran around Hong Kong, learned a couple new things in the lab, meet a bunch of awesome MIT/SUTD students, went clubbing tw[...]ice, ate a different type (Indian, Indonesian, Muslim, etc.) of food each meal, wandered around Singapore several of the nights and so much more. To top it all off, I was able to learn a ton about Singapore's culture. This place is awesome.

countdown to equality
10 june 2012 | short story

It was December 31st, 2089 and I was feeling a bit hungry. The neighbors down the street were throwing a New Year’s pa[...]rty; they were a superstitious bunch and assumed all their savings would disappear on New Year’s Day due to a computer glitch. I decided to pitch in, though I’m not the superstitious type, just to show my appreciation. The parties from past years, after all, were quite a hoot.

A look at an extreme take on conservation and were it could take us.

putting the customer first
09 june 2012 | short story

“So, Mr. Paterson, I have heard great things about your business. The earnings reports you gave me look stellar. But there arenâ[...]€™t any real details about what your business does. I couldn’t find specific information on your considerable series A funding. As a series B investor, I would like to know a little more before investing.”

We listen in on a business meeting between the founder of a company and a potential investor. What is the business? Well, that fact may surprise you.

week 1 | flying out
09 june 2012 | singapore

I fly out to Singapore today. Two days, 11,459 miles and (hopefully) one A Song of Fire and Ice book later, I'll be in my dream city. Can't[...] wait!

Around the World
04 June 2012 | designs

For the Spring 2012 party[...]

President Romney
03 June 2012 | designs

Pro-Romney ad, going to make one for Pres. Obama as well.[...]

setting the record straight
02 june 2012 | short story

The sun beat down and I raised my hand to cover my eyes. It had been days, weeks, maybe even years. Who knew? I surely didn’t. T[...]he dry sands whipped our faces, blurring our vision and making us believe we saw things. Water, chief among them. Haha, it’s funny how that most abundant always seems to be the end of us. You either drown in it or die from not having it. No one wins. Someone told me that they’d managed to survive a month without water. I don’t believe it, but guess I’m about to find out. We’d seen other things. Silver buildings that rose into the sky, it blinded us and as we got close, a sandstorm would appear and when it was gone, so was the house. It is incredible what you imagine when under stress…

A return to writing short stories, this one focuses on the surreal memories of two hapless 'heroes'...

29 may 2012 | programming

The new-tab page on most browsers inefficiently uses screen real estate by giving each website a picture and large button. While useful for[...] tablets, it prevents addition of many websites and can't be organized into groups without increasing the number of clicks required. Also, often only one search site is accessible, with the rest found in a drop-down menu. To alleviate this, I created quicklinks. It uses javascript to create a row of categories (that you choose), which when hovered over show associated links. Further, there are several search bars readily avaliable, no extra clicking needed. Enjoy.

quantized art
28 may 2012 | essay

Quantized art. The idea came about while reading how the music industry assembles top-liners, producers, artists, performers, etc. to [...]create top 40 hits. For example, there has been a recent trend in pop music to use 'drops', when the song builds to a cresendo and then a crazy, catchy bass line is released that causes everyone to dance. This has been perfected to the point where even an okay song can become popular bcause the producers know when to build, at what moment to intersperse catchy, meaningless lyrics and how to end the song on a high. I like the idea that art (as in paintings, drawings, etc.) can be dissected and quantified.

My first pass at developing an algorithm to break art down to its details and then use this knowledge to generate art that people would consider 'great'. We'll see how this evolves.

week 0 | singapore!
26 may 2012 | singapore

First post about Singapore lays out some of the background surrounding the trip and Singapore itself. This summer is going to be awesome![...]p>

designing icons
25 may 2012 | design

How do you design an icon for a website? This question arose once I'd finished writing the back-end of this website. There is a great [...]book called Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills that helped me answer this question.

This essay focuses on the icon I designed for the website and the thinking process behind it.

filugori reboot
15 may 2012 | filugori

Several months ago I took a hard look at Filugori: The Long Tale, the story I started in grade school that was meant to be a mash-[...]up of my favorite books and fictional universes. However, it lacked a certain vision. The story was fun, frantic and fanciful, but there was no heart. It lacked cohesion and the universe did not appear to justify its own existence. Why should someone care to read this tale? What would they gain from it? While fleshing out the background of the universe, providing details on the four major epochs that define the story, I came to realize that I wanted to tell a very different tale than originally planned.

13 May 2012 | designs

Logo for the website. Wrote an article detailing the design process: w[...]as attempting to go for a SF look that conveyed a sense of motion. Alt black version.

10 May 2012 | designs

Logo for the website. Wrote an article detailing the design process: was attempting to go for a SF look that conveyed a sense of motion.[...]>

Stanford Biology
07 May 2012 | designs

Made this poster for a facebook group.[...]

Stanford Biology
06 May 2012 | designs

Used for the internal CAP website.[...]

14 April 2012 | designs

For the MIT-Singapore program[...]

Graffiti Party
12 April 2012 | designs

Post for CPW graffiti party. The dark background helps accentuate the [...]red and white used for the text and spray-can.

Graffiti Party
10 April 2012 | designs

First draft of the Graffiti party poster. Was going for a very dramatic look.[...]

the evolving style
29 march 2012 | design

This website was built from scratch using only Notepad. While it would have been easier to create the site in Dreamweaver or another pr[...]ogram and then upload it, I wanted to learn first-hand about the steps involved in web development. The site has allowed me to hone my design skills, both aesthetically and organizationally. This is an essay detailing the evolution of the website.

This was an internal document for me to keep track of what I was changing and why, but decided to reword it and make it an article. Hope you like it.

Club Coat Check
28 March 2012 | designs

Poster for my facebook group where we post songs.[...]

23 March 2012 | designs

Someone was whining on our email list, so I made this as a response.[...]/p>

Thick Skin
22 March 2012 | designs

People whine way too much. This poster is a response, but desguised as an advertisment for military armor. Some people didn't quite get the[...] joke.

GTFO Patrol
19 March 2012 | designs

When you need to get people out of a party, the GTFO Patrol is here to[...] help. This was tounge-in-cheek, for those that got it.

12 March 2012 | designs

An homage to Chris Foss's classic SF work. Dark version goes better with the SF feel. Onward signifies the purpose of SF, to give us purpos[...]e to make the next journey into the unknown.

12 March 2012 | designs

An homage to Chris Foss's classic SF work.[...]

Relay for Life: Dessert Preview
06 March 2012 | designs

We had a Relay for Life event Spring 2012, I helped with the posters a[...]nd organization. This gives a preview of some of the desserts on the menu.

Relay for Life: Facebook Profile
06 March 2012 | designs

This is the facebook profile picture people could use for our Phi Sig [...]relay for life.

Relay for Life: Poster
06 March 2012 | designs

We had a Relay for Life event Spring 2012, I helped with the poster an[...]d organization.

Graffiti Party Mock
20 February 2012 | designs

Made my own font for this poster. Focus on large, recognizable text so people won't forget. The lack of anything else intices people to com[...]e.

Graffiti Party
20 February 2012 | designs

Early sketch for our CPW party.[...]

Graffiti Party
20 February 2012 | designs

The original, wide angle graffiti party poster. Was trying to make a cartoon look that stood out.[...]

Mardi Gras
20 February 2012 | designs

The poster for our Mardi Gras party. Went for a simple, distinct look.[...] Gold and white contrast well with black, so it helps the poster pop out.

Phi Sig Logos
20 February 2012 | designs

While creating posters in the new cartoon-ish style, realized I needed[...] a set of Phi Sig logos that would match.

PSK Social
24 January 2012 | designs

Spring 2012 social calendar, some events changed since I made it.[...]

expanding markets and selling sex
07 january 2012 | essay

Sex sells. That simple statement has been used throughout the ages to justify lewd advertisements and other forms of communication, wh[...]ether they are through pictures, videos or other mediums. But while other industries, from cigarette companies to Hollywood, use it passingly to entice people into considering a product they otherwise would not, there is an industry and culture which bases its existence upon this simple fact. That industry is pornography.

A provocative essay I wrote in high school, and touched up for presentation here, that take a look at the porn industry: what makes it tick, how it has innovated and the people involved.

humanism in european art and society
06 january 2012 | essay

One of the main themes of the renaissance was the rebirth in the interest of classical themes or greco-roman culture. Many artist, eit[...]her through paintings, sculptures or architecture, portrayed this general movement by using Greek/roman themes, such as pillars, and integrating it into their works. But it wasn?t just an interest in greek/roman architecture or appearance but also their cultures.

An essay looking at various European paintings and how they were used to capture the essence of European culture, both old and new.

social chair spring 2012
27 december 2011 | psk

My terms as social chair during Fall 2011 went quite well, but there were several things I was unsatisfied with. This presentation outlines[...] several different areas I would like to see improved.

Tsai Lab
26 December 2011 | designs

Implemented the mock-up during a wait at Logan airport. It is world's better than the current site, both navigationally and on the eyes.[...]>

23 December 2011 | designs

InfoAge is a applet I made that allows one to monitor all your system [...]settings. Used the red, white and blue theme to achieve nice contrast and a soft look that is easy on the eyes.

Tsai Lab
22 December 2011 | designs

The Tsai Lab's website was a bit ramshackle and I aimed to improve it. This mock-up is an attempt to improve it.[...]

19 December 2011 | designs

A foray into the abstract. It captures the chaotic nature of my dreams, but it doesn't capture the wonder and Romanticism that prevades the[...]m. Need another go.

Jabez Redesign
19 December 2011 | designs

We have an internal website for Phi Sig. This was one of my redesign m[...]ockups.

MSI Interface
19 December 2011 | designs

I spent some time redesigning my Windows 7 interface to allow for easi[...]er navigation. As a byproduct, it also looked beautiful.

Website Version 2
17 December 2011 | designs

The original site design was a bit bland, so I added a bit of color. S[...]till think of reverting t this design, the colors harken to another era.

filugori: the long tale
11 december 2011 | short story

This was originally called "Human War" and was written mostly during high school. It focused on Bi and several of his crew as the[...]y journeyed across a galaxy filled with alien races, adventure and glory. It was fun-loving, energetic and a bit schizophrenic. While I loved writing it, there were too many borrowed influences for it to be a viable story in the long term and I did a 180 when creating Filugori, which is influenced by this but is much darker.

Phi Sigma Kappa
10 December 2011 | designs

Poster I made for our fraternity's massive 1st lounge TV. A soft blue goes well with white and red. There is an implied diagonal axis to th[...]e poster as well.

30 November 2011 | designs

The number 42 is odd. Originally I obsessed over it due to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. But as I used it more often, it took on a [...]life of its own. The bold text and color I think do the number justice.

Jim Thorpe
22 November 2011 | designs

Design for a Jim Thorpe website.[...]

Mathletes and Athletes
22 November 2011 | designs

Our fall party, people dress as nerds or jocks. Represented both in th[...]is poster and aimed at a paucity of text to proximity of words to pictures to convey the message.

20 November 2011 | designs

The bracket for the first FIFA tournament at Phi Sig. Wanted to advanc[...]e beyond the boring spreadsheets seen before.

Interface 7
20 November 2011 | designs

As you can see, I was gearing up for Windows 8.[...]

Balanced Design
17 November 2011 | designs

The first mock-up for this website. In a way, I've returned to this original, minimalistic design[...]

Tennis Font
14 November 2011 | designs

I love tennis and this font is meant to convey motion and a sense of m[...]odern style.

14 November 2011 | designs

A montage of imagery from Catalina Foothills tennis using the previous[...]ly created tennis font. Good times.

Cowboys and Indians
13 November 2011 | designs

Party poster, was going for a more dramatic look.[...]

America Ad
12 November 2011 | designs

Somewhat satirical take on American life.[...]

08 November 2011 | designs

Living in Madrid gave me my first homestay experience and I learned a great deal from it--both about myself and Hispanic culture. I'll neve[...]r forget that experience.

04 November 2011 | designs

A crazy, pro-barcelona poster. I love that city.[...]

Windows 7 Interface
31 October 2011 | designs

Another example of my revised Windows 7 interface with a Metro feel.[...]/p>

27 October 2011 | designs

This movement annoyed me, mostly due to the false statements and ignor[...]ance of its supporters. So I made a poster with a Winston Churchill quote.

Triple Tonic Thursdays
23 October 2011 | designs

Seemed like a good replacement name for Bromicron. Oh wait, it wasn't.[...]

Halloween Graffiti Party
23 October 2011 | designs

Unfortunately, we only had room for a Halloween or Graffiti party. Wha[...]t did I do? Combined them! This poster used some funky effects. I only like the placement of the text and imagery.

Halloween Graffiti
22 October 2011 | designs

Unfortunately, we only had room for a Halloween or Graffiti party. Wha[...]t did I do? Combined them! This is the second poster and I think is more appealing.

American Way
20 October 2011 | designs

Basically a pro-America poster. Some people might not get the joke...[...]

Around the World
19 October 2011 | designs

Fall 2011 poster for our end of year party. Was trying to keep it classy.[...]

Cowboys and Indians
19 October 2011 | designs

Going for a more human centered design and a combination of both Cowboy and Indian.[...]

Email Signatures
19 October 2011 | designs

Some people have long, obnoxious email signatures. This is my response[...].

American Pride
16 October 2011 | designs

Love this poster. Inspired by a conversation with a friend, we were ta[...]lking about whether America is an example for the world to follow. I focused on two American greats and used the contrast between the drab, authoritative gray with the bright red, white and blue flag to give the image a kick.

IM Soccer
13 October 2011 | designs

Phi Sig plays in IM Soccer, we normally have good turnout, but when we don't, the following poster can be used.[...]

USA Sympathy
12 October 2011 | designs

Removing the 'Sympathy Bombs' changes the overt meaning, but the message stays the same.[...]

American Sympathy
12 October 2011 | designs

Another pro-America poster. A friend noted that the poster suggest 'Sympathy Bombs', that was unintentional but fits the theme.[...]

Phi Sig
09 October 2011 | designs

An old-school looking poster for Phi Sig.[...]

Course 10
09 October 2011 | designs

Chemical engineering can induce many thoughts, but I thought that this[...] best symbolized what people thought about. I particularly like the man with the red tube.

Course 11
09 October 2011 | designs

Was supposed to highlight how urban planning can help the world. A lit[...]tle basic, but gets the message across.

Course 17
09 October 2011 | designs

Part of my series of posters for each major at MIT. I think this is on[...]e of the better ones.

09 October 2011 | designs

More people should learn spanish. This poster gives a clear reason why[...]: over 400 million people spread out over various countries speak it.

Course 22: Nuclear
09 October 2011 | designs

The poster can be interpreted two ways, either as a statement of what [...]nuclear can help bring or the threat it carries.

09 October 2011 | designs

One of the first design posters, it states many of the things I partak[...]e in or enjoy at MIT. Was trying to channel the old Swiss masters.

Phi Sig
09 October 2011 | designs

An old-school looking poster for Phi Sig. Gives directions to use Wind[...]ows 8

Course 6
09 October 2011 | designs

One of the first posters in the MIT Courses series, that made a cartoo[...]n that highlighted certain aspects of each course.

29 September 2011 | designs

A new type of social event at Phi Sig we tried fall 2011. Logo a riff [...]on Googles +1 icon.

Fire and Ice
18 September 2011 | designs

Wanted to contrast the two aspects of the party in both the picture, f[...]ont and coloring. However, there are too many fonts and the onlooker does not know where to focus.

Wet Wednesday Party
11 September 2011 | designs

The first official party of the year, wanted to make the poster harken[...] to fun times and not just drinking.

Social Calendar Fall 2011
01 September 2011 | designs

Fall 2011 social calendar. Focused on giving people detailed informati[...]on without sending out a boring email.

Roof Deck Party
28 August 2011 | designs

The font suggest fun, the picture suggest old-school sexy. There is a [...]subtle conflict here, but also a suggestion of how the party will go. Not entirely sure it works.

janelia farm closing symposium
10 august 2011 | science

The Janelia Undergrad program ended with a all-day Symposium during which each undergrad had around 15 minutes to present the results of th[...]eir project. It was a fun way to end the summer and see what the others had been up to.

Club Coat Check
08 August 2011 | designs

Original logo for the facebook group.[...]

Club Coat Check
08 August 2011 | designs

Original logo for the facebook group.[...]

janelia journal club #2
06 july 2011 | science

The second presentation that Alyson and I gave during the Janelia Undergrad program, it was a brilliant paper that used Hidden Markov model[...]s to build a predictive algorithm that could tell you what chromatin states you were in.

janelia opening symposium
24 june 2011 | science

At the beginning of the Janelia Undergrad program we had to give a presentation on what we planned to do. It was a worthwhile experiences t[...]hat made one really focus on the different aspects of your project and get feedback.

janelia journal club #1
15 june 2011 | science

Alyson Yee and I gave the first presentation of the Janelia Undergrad program. The paper tried to tease apart the different aspects of a so[...]ngbird's appearance that most influenced behavior of other birds.

mexico project, final presentation
29 january 2011 | science

I spent January 2011 in Cuernavaca, Mexico and worked on a project to model the Notch and JAK/STAT signaling pathways. This is part of one [...]presentation, which I gave in Spanish.

mexico project, ferrell (1996)
12 january 2011 | science

An educational presentation I gave in Spanish about the differential equation model used in several papers to predict biological pathways.[...]/p>

comp. neuro
30 november 2010 | science

Presentation I gave in 9.29, the computational neuroscience class at MIT. They attempted to build a model that could use the information ob[...]tained from recordings in the prefrontal cortex and other areas of a monkey brain to predict their behavior based on the 'state' their neuron groups were in.

los suenos mios
22 august 2010 | short story | spanish

Tenía miedo de que los demás fuera a descubrir mi secreto. Para mí, cuando estaba en una situación donde las personas empezaron a [...]darse cuenta de mi problema, la única cosa que yo quería hacer era salir o tratar de correr muy lejos. Aunque, hay muchas veces cuando esta acción no era posible y por eso, les mentía.

This Spanish short focuses on the trial of a man accused of rape. It is a look into his mind, more specifically, the dreams he had and their possibly explanation of events that occurred. It is an analysis of the possibility of confusing our real memories with ones created by our dreams.

barcelona project
13 july 2010 | science

One of the presentations I had to give during my stay in Barcelona. Detailed some of the progress made in characterizing the response of di[...]fferent Drosophila species to a set of odors.

los ambiciones equivocados
05 may 2010 | short story | spanish

Mis amigos y yo fuimos al bar cuyo nombre es “Club Dos”, es muy famoso en esta parte de la gran ciudad. Sus ciudadanos le [...]ponen algunos nombres a la ciudad, como “La Ciudad sin Tierra” o “La Ciudad de Edificios”. Para que tengas entender más sobre lo que ocurrirá, es necesario que yo les explique lo que es la ciudad.

Next Spanish short, it focuses on a magnificent city and its origin story. It is something of a cautionary tale, made all the more real by my experiences in Singapore.

en el mundo de los dios
24 april 2010 | short story | spanish

Me desperté en la casa de mi novia. Esta alcoba tenía muchas sillas; mi novia le gustaba invitar a sus amigos aquí y nos cenemos ca[...]da viernes. Odié a sus amigos de mi novia, ellos eran terrible y egoistica. Pero, no es el punto de este cuento, quiero hablarles sobre mi aventura en el otro mundo. No he contado a otras personas sobre este evento; creo que si lo hago, la gente creería que yo sea loco y me ponen en una cárcel.

To practice my Spanish I began writing a couple short stories in the language. This if the first, which focuses on an abduction and the magic of exploring a new world.

killer's army
21 december 2009 | short story

The trees flew past us, the wind almost drowning out the roars, hisses, and howls that permeated the area. The gun felt cold in my han[...]d; it weighed me down and got in the way of my agile attempts to slip through the undergrowth. To my left was Marsha, like a sly fox she twisted and turned to avoid everything Nature did to obstruct her path. To my right was Judy, her movements labored owing to the gash running down the side of her leg. It oozed green and yellow puss—we may have to kill her before she turns. The twigs and branches continued to rip through my clothes and skin, yet it was nothing compared to the terror that drove us forward. The howls grew louder and the falling of trees could be heard behind us.

Perhaps the pinnacle of my horror stories, it is a relentless, fast-paced tale of zombies, an accident in the making and a mysterious man. There are two independent stories being told, but drawing the link makes everything much more satisfying.

two kinds of odd
09 december 2009 | short story

I've always wanted to fly--to soar and twirl without a care, to dive bomb that crazy little brat who walks on me every day and sp[...]ills his rancid milk, or to skim the streets unhindered. Alas, I am here, watching the world pass me by. I was always the odd one out, but that would make me special right? It's always good to be special...

A tale about an inanimate object (I'll let you figure out what) and its journey to be free.

28 november 2009 | short story

There are two goals in life, to reproduce and defy death. No, you have it all wrong. It is to become at peace with the world and a[...]ccept death.
You both are fools, it is merely to see Death.
A black cloud descended upon the scene and the three Magi tensed.

A dark, brooding story about three magi and their battle against the darkness.

humanity's gold
20 november 2009 | short story

Captain’s Log 1.25.2838 My eyes watered at the sight. We had finally discovered what we had spent all these years wandering [...]aimlessly for. Shifting and moving, the silvery substance coated the land, its beauty enticing and dicing. There were several who ventured over its smooth surface, dying one by one. Out in the distance could be seen the splendorous pinnacle, atop its peak a mountain of gold. Men still strove for that most holy of materials, still killed and maimed for a chance to hold and possess it; some said that gold had become more than a sign of wealth and power.

Another story that ended up inspiring my book-in-progress Filugori, it is a focus on humanity's lust for something, anything, that will bring him fame and glory. It uses a character more obsessed with the adventure as a counter-backdrop to the drama unfolding around him.

11 november 2009 | short story

“Haha, my brother, how have you been?” “Great. Times are good, money is flowing, bitches crawl all over me—wh[...]at more could a man desire?”
I sat in the corner through blurred vision, watching them hug and chat. Grrrrrrr. There were many things I hated about this house, least of which was the rats. I went to work every day, but that can wait. I got up and was immediately dragged back down. The chains, how could I forget?

Inspired by a series of articles on sexual slavery in Eastern Europe, this is a surreal, sad tale of a girl and her abusers. This took my experimentation with more suspenseful, fear-driven stories to another level. Unfortunately, not all stories have a fairy-tale ending...

28 december 2008 | short story

America needed help. The rise of China, Japan, Germany and various other nations was fast making it an irrelevant player on the intern[...]ational scene. Resurgent Russia and climbing India looked to give America a run for its money, in both domestic and foreign markets. And so on to the scene came Rate, to save America, to preserve and spread truth, justice, and the America way.

A campy story about the demonization of capitalism in the media.

27 december 2008 | short story

The pair looked out across the gorgeous vista, the golden plans below waiting to be harvested, the mountains in the distance yearning [...]to be explored, the hidden structures and stories aching to be discovered. The sky was auburn green; owing to the transition between ecosystems as the planet was terraformed. The suits were itchy, their bright white exterior blinding those foolish enough to stare at them. They reminded him of the astronaut suits they used to see from the late 20th century photos.

Possibly the best short, it focuses on the attack by an unknown entity on an alien city. The fear, anticipation and rapidly switching perspective were an experiment in a new style for me. I think it paid off.

the heroic ones
17 december 2008 | short story

Smith was nothing special; he had grown up in middle America in a comfortable middle income family, his parents rather tame--an old li[...]ne Republican and a right-leaning Democrat. His formative years were spent building forts with his pals, exploring the streams nearby and wandering out into the woods, and learning from the small district that had the elementary, middle and high schools rolled into one large building. He loved those years, he reminisced constantly about them, longed to have them back, but that could not be.

Inspired by John Dos Passos's brilliant The 42nd Parallel, this short attempts to paint a picture of an ideal America.

selling your soul
13 december 2008 | short story

It was a pristine autumn evening, the street was wet from the recent rain and the trees had become a spectacular array of browns, reds[...], and yellows. The streetlights cast a surreal glow on the scene. Kil walked down the street, her dress billowing in the wind, her gait slightly off. She was the height of an average man, tall and slender, with billowing red hair.

Arrogance can get the better of someone. A look at the people who are so full of themselves they fail to see the pain left in their wake.

the paranoid man
08 december 2008 | short story

“Hey honey, how are you? Been a busy day, considering not looking at any work tonight, I’ll relax and spend some time with y[...]ou.”
“Oh that would be lovely, but I am going out tonight.”
“That’s okay, is it a prearranged formal thing, or can I join? Whose it with?”

The fear we all face when someone we love is having fun with another is examined here through the paranoia of a middle-age man.

what is not known
25 november 2008 | short story

Ever get that feeling, that the people you know may have something to hide? That the girl you've been with for all this time is cheatin[...]g on you? Or taking advantage of you? Ever had that thought that the friend laughing with you is just looking out for the next opportunity to fleece you in the name of 'friendship'? Friendship! Base on what?!

A stream-of-conscious story about social paranoia...with a twist.

a lovely day in the woods
25 november 2008 | short story

It was like a fairy tale, rays shone through the canopy overhead, dust glittered in the autumn air, and two children frolicked about. C[...]hirping, the rustling of leaves and the crackle of twigs breaking underfoot could be heard all around. The children, a boy and a girl, ran across the scene.

An attempt to write a story without any serious conflict the characters must face and resolve. A little harder excersise than I planned, but I hope to build on it someday.

in a world too bright
23 november 2008 | short story

The sun scorched the skin off of my back; below me was an endless throng of citizens, all about to die. How morbid, eh? Haha, well this[...] is my tale, so I?ll start it however I please. If you are reading this, it means you?ve found my journal, flipped through any of the other pages yet?

Assassin? Schizophrenic? Or just a storyteller? This short story focuses on all three aspects of a character obsessed with himself. Set in a futuristic world, we get a glimpse of his life...and his end.

up next!
16 september 2007 | short story

Click I walked down the streets of New York, my skin reflective and my shirt discoloured near the armpits. The subway ticket stil[...]l in my hand almost slipped out and I shoved it into my pocket. My vision blurred for a bit, but my tired body and my sticky hands prevented me from relieving my eyes of the salt and water. My sister walked slightly ahead of me, the clunk of her luggage a soothing melody compared to the rancor the rest of the city seemed to have for my ears.

A slightly fictional look at several events in my life with a story style reminiscent of watching TV.

death takes no bribes
27 august 2007 | short story

The ball whizzed past the net and bounced on the very edge of the service box. I reached out with Herculean effort to hit the ball as [...]it tried to curve away from me. Relief! My return sped towards the middle of the court, only to see him already at the net, Apollo at his back. He sliced the ball to my forehand, I rushed and managed to get to the ball, and turned, waiting for the succeeding surge of energy to do battle with against this unstoppable foe.

A mythical take on a tennis match that I had during high school. Part of a "Kernal Writing" assignment in my high school writing class.

faux pas
11 march 2007 | short story

“Hey sexy, how’re you?” “Don’t you fuck with me, I saw you with the bitch.” “Ah, come on [...]honey, it was just a joke.”
“A joke? I’m your fucking wife asshole. You think your fucking funny don’t you. Look at my face, am I laughing. No, I’m not? That’s what I thought.”

A look at a couple who have no social grace.

just another day
04 march 2007 | short story

He hit me, once again I fell to the ground. “You bitch, you fucking told him didn’t you?” “I didn’t[...] tell . . .”
He struck me again and my cheek began to bleed.

In truth, this is a prequel to Broken and foreshadows the violence and unhappy ending of that tale. This one is shorter, but no more bittersweet.

the misunderstanding
04 march 2007 | short story

What happens when two people use different meanings for the same word.[...]

dies irae, terras irradient
02 february 2007 | short story

“Ye food aging quite well, why don’t ye come in and stop it.” “Ain’t ya the wisest of men, I’m comi[...]ng, I’m coming.”
“What’d ye see out there, herd o’ bison, flock of geese, some lady rambling about?”
“Wha ya on, ain’t no way any ladies come up here.”

There is a scene in Lord of the Rings were the torches are being lite across lonely mountains to warn the realm of the danger from Mordor's armies. I often wondered what the people manning those stations did everyday. So I wrote a story about them.

55 fiction
02 march 2006 | short story

Collection of three short pieces of fiction that contain only fifty-five words. They are all play on words.[...]
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