55 Fiction

short stories collection - a compilation of my short stories.


Collection of three short pieces of fiction that contain only fifty-five words. They are all play on words.

Below are a series of 55 fiction stories I wrote during 10th grade.

No Place for Confusion
The lawyer got up out of his chair and walked up to the witness.
“So, did you see Mr. Snickers?”
“Yes, I saw Mister Snickers.”
“For clarification you did see Ernie Snickers?”
“No, I saw Mister Snickers.”
“Sir, Mr. Snickers is Ernie Snickers.”
“No, dear sir, Mister Snickers is Mister Snickers.”
“I rest my case.”

The Long Journey Forgotten
“We have Them now,” the major said smiling.
“Who is them?” his lieutenant asked.
“Them, you said we have them, who?”
“Them, you nincompoop, we have been chasing Them for years.”
“But who!? For God’s sake tell me who!”
“If you don’t know Them, then please leave.”
The lieutenant shook his head and left.

The Desert and the Tundra
As the man walked by the girl he turned around and stared.
“That’s hot.”
“What did you say!?” the girl said overhearing him and turning around.
“Sorry, you cool?”
“What? It’s like 100 degrees!”
“So then, you’re hot.”
“Why, you-,” The girl lifted her hand and slapped him then walked off.
“What did I do?”

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selling your soul
13 december 2008 | short story

It was a pristine autumn evening, the street was wet from the recent rain and the trees had become a spectacular array of browns, reds[...], and yellows. The streetlights cast a surreal glow on the scene. Kil walked down the street, her dress billowing in the wind, her gait slightly off. She was the height of an average man, tall and slender, with billowing red hair.

Arrogance can get the better of someone. A look at the people who are so full of themselves they fail to see the pain left in their wake.

¿qué es la calle?
24 may 2013 | short story | spanish

Había terminado y salé para mi cocina. Tenía hambre pero este día no había comida dentro de mi despensa. Me fui y caminé hacienda[...] la Tport—una máquina que puede transportar una persona a otro lugar sin energía y tiempo. Cuando entré la máquina, toqué algunos botónes y esperé. Pero nada ocurrió y lo hice las mismas acciones otra vez—y nada ocurrió.

How would the disappearance of streets affect the social fabric? This short story briefly (in castellano!) explores a world in which instantaneous, free transport is possible. Meant mainly to practice my spanish, i plan to follow-up with a more detail story in the future.

why you should watch black mirror
29 november 2015 | television

Black Mirror is a unique and ever timely experience. The vignettes are spot on and while each explores a different aspect of our interactio[...]n with technology, the internet, and social media, there is an underlying dystopian view of the world that unifies the whole series. Watch it.

citizenship, war and social networks
09 september 2012 | essay

Scott Adams recently wrote about citizenship and how the Internet [...]will bring the fall of territory-based national governments, and by extension wars. In this post I briefly highlight where he errs and give reasons why country divides will only grow sharper in the coming decades, in part due to competition for dwindling water, oil and other resources along with increasingly fraught intranational civil relations.

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