55 Fiction

short stories collection - a compilation of my short stories.


Collection of three short pieces of fiction that contain only fifty-five words. They are all play on words.

Below are a series of 55 fiction stories I wrote during 10th grade.

No Place for Confusion
The lawyer got up out of his chair and walked up to the witness.
“So, did you see Mr. Snickers?”
“Yes, I saw Mister Snickers.”
“For clarification you did see Ernie Snickers?”
“No, I saw Mister Snickers.”
“Sir, Mr. Snickers is Ernie Snickers.”
“No, dear sir, Mister Snickers is Mister Snickers.”
“I rest my case.”

The Long Journey Forgotten
“We have Them now,” the major said smiling.
“Who is them?” his lieutenant asked.
“Them, you said we have them, who?”
“Them, you nincompoop, we have been chasing Them for years.”
“But who!? For God’s sake tell me who!”
“If you don’t know Them, then please leave.”
The lieutenant shook his head and left.

The Desert and the Tundra
As the man walked by the girl he turned around and stared.
“That’s hot.”
“What did you say!?” the girl said overhearing him and turning around.
“Sorry, you cool?”
“What? It’s like 100 degrees!”
“So then, you’re hot.”
“Why, you-,” The girl lifted her hand and slapped him then walked off.
“What did I do?”

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filugori: the long tale
11 december 2011 | short story

This was originally called "Human War" and was written mostly during high school. It focused on Bi and several of his crew as the[...]y journeyed across a galaxy filled with alien races, adventure and glory. It was fun-loving, energetic and a bit schizophrenic. While I loved writing it, there were too many borrowed influences for it to be a viable story in the long term and I did a 180 when creating Filugori, which is influenced by this but is much darker.

singapore: final report
16 september 2012 | singapore

Before finishing my adventures in Singapore, I was asked to put together a final report describing my experiences and where the program cou[...]ld improve. Rather than bore you with details, I've included a link to download the report. This is a draft form and I'll update the link with a finished version in the future.

filugori reboot
15 may 2012 | filugori

Several months ago I took a hard look at Filugori: The Long Tale, the story I started in grade school that was meant to be a mash-[...]up of my favorite books and fictional universes. However, it lacked a certain vision. The story was fun, frantic and fanciful, but there was no heart. It lacked cohesion and the universe did not appear to justify its own existence. Why should someone care to read this tale? What would they gain from it? While fleshing out the background of the universe, providing details on the four major epochs that define the story, I came to realize that I wanted to tell a very different tale than originally planned.

bash scripting: randomly rename files
13 june 2013 | programming

Small script to enable quick randomization of files in a directory and conversion back to original names later. Original inspiration was a [...]way to blind data analysis, e.g. if studying images from an experiment and don't want to be biased by the conditions applied.

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