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A continually updated repository of scientific resources (journals, blogs, etc.) in biology with a focus on neuroscience.

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Finding information on the cutting edge often requires wading deep in the primary literature. For this i turn to a variety of journals and resources, most of which allow me to discover articles that seem interesting or with possible applications in neuroscience. While summaries by journalists are often useful for getting a bit of history and other layman interpretations, it is often better for one's understanding to dive right into the original publications, reviews, and articles.

Below is a list of sources that are useful for staying up-to-date. It is by no means comprehensive and will be continually updated. Suggestions welcome!








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more articles to enjoy:

janelia journal club #2
06 july 2011 | science

The second presentation that Alyson and I gave during the Janelia Undergrad program, it was a brilliant paper that used Hidden Markov model[...]s to build a predictive algorithm that could tell you what chromatin states you were in.

bio42: notes
12 may 2013 | teaching

<p>While teaching bio42 (cell biology and animal physiology) I created weekly notes to help students in my section study [...]and focus on the important materials presented in the class. I built off of the latex boilerplate that I have been improving over time to create weekly notes. This highlights why I love <a href='' target='_blank'>LaTeX</a> so much, especially for larger projects that are heavily linked&mdash;it allows easy annotation, indexing, creation of new document styles, and other related processes rapidly and consistently. Plus, separating content and style is always a plus and images stay uncoupled from a propriety source (e.g. Word files). </p> <p>I really love the resulting notes and student feedback was quite positive. I thought sharing them might be useful for others in the future. The source latex files and raw images can be sent upon request (I'm considering making a Github repository in the future). I'll briefly talk about the document below and certain decisions that were made to get it to its current state. </p>

archive everything!
01 october 2012 | notes

Archived everything in my inbox. It's awesome. Continues my general trend of simplifying. Logging off websites, only checking the news for [...]brief periods, and focusing on a core set of hobbies. Eliminating distractions and reducing information overload are doing wonders to fight off stress and keep me humming along.

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