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A continually updated repository of scientific resources (journals, blogs, etc.) in biology with a focus on neuroscience.

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Finding information on the cutting edge often requires wading deep in the primary literature. For this i turn to a variety of journals and resources, most of which allow me to discover articles that seem interesting or with possible applications in neuroscience. While summaries by journalists are often useful for getting a bit of history and other layman interpretations, it is often better for one's understanding to dive right into the original publications, reviews, and articles.

Below is a list of sources that are useful for staying up-to-date. It is by no means comprehensive and will be continually updated. Suggestions welcome!








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other entires to explore:

barcelona project
13 july 2010 | science

One of the presentations I had to give during my stay in Barcelona. Detailed some of the progress made in characterizing the response of di[...]fferent Drosophila species to a set of odors.

review of mad max: fury road
02 june 2015 | movies

A gorgeously shot film that is hampered by a spartan story that never really goes anywhere and action that becomes repetitive by the end of[...] the first act.

the evolving style
29 march 2012 | design

This website was built from scratch using only Notepad. While it would have been easier to create the site in Dreamweaver or another pr[...]ogram and then upload it, I wanted to learn first-hand about the steps involved in web development. The site has allowed me to hone my design skills, both aesthetically and organizationally. This is an essay detailing the evolution of the website.

This was an internal document for me to keep track of what I was changing and why, but decided to reword it and make it an article. Hope you like it.

a lasting impression
09 september 2012 | short story

It is a century and a half in the future and I am staring at my grave. Vines crawl up the sides and bits of stone have fallen off in pl[...]aces. Across the top my name is barely visible and the dates of my birth have long since been worn away. I look around the graveyard, at my friends, enemies, confidants and others. All of them are fading, the last vestiges of their existence being worn away by wind and rain. I hear a beep to my left and sigh. The machine only gives me ten minutes per jaunt into the future. And there is no going back, only forward by ten year increments. I started it twenty-four hours ago if my watch is to be believed...

A story about a man's legacy.

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