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Providing links to some articles and other resources that I have found useful while in graduate school. I'll continually update the list as I find more.

Graduate school is both extraordinarily rewarding and demanding at the same time. Getting perspective on what to expect, how to anticipate and deal with potential problems, and just hearing the experiences of others can be invaluable. Below are a series of resources/articles both for starting graduate students and those already well along their way. I plan to add additional articles dealing with

If you have suggestions for articles to include or resources to add, shoot me an email or add them in the comments section below.

Advice for starting graduate students: choosing a lab

Advice for starting graduate students: being successful



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additional articles to journey through:

Donald J. Trump Campaign Poster 2016 No. 7
04 October 2016 | designs

While everyone focuses on the predictable, over-the-top sayings of one candidate, sometimes it is another's more subtly dicey pronouncement[...]s that cause sweat to start trickling down one's brow.

It may be shrewder to continuously complement—rather than smear with cries of "dictator!"—an elected President who brought prosperity to a crumbling, dispirited, nuclear-armed nation.

club coat check logo
23 February 2013 | designs

Wanted to improve the logo slightly by added the original club coat ch[...]eck logo from the website I made along with making the text style more blocky, to better align with the slick, modern feel. The background is sci-fi in feel, but the pastel gives the whole logo a slight retro feel.

stanford bing concert hall: first impressions
15 december 2012 | stanford

Designed by architect Richard Olcott (Ennead Architects) and sound designer Dr. Yasuhisa T[...]oyota (Nagata Acoustics), the Bing Concert Hall is stunning. Robert Campbell (Fisher Dachs Associates) was on hand during the second sound check (along with Richard and Dr. Toyota) to discuss the philosophy behind the building, a bit of history, and where they hope it will be in the future. This post is my impressions of the place along with notes from their interview.

bio42: notes
12 may 2013 | teaching

<p>While teaching bio42 (cell biology and animal physiology) I created weekly notes to help students in my section study [...]and focus on the important materials presented in the class. I built off of the latex boilerplate that I have been improving over time to create weekly notes. This highlights why I love <a href='' target='_blank'>LaTeX</a> so much, especially for larger projects that are heavily linked&mdash;it allows easy annotation, indexing, creation of new document styles, and other related processes rapidly and consistently. Plus, separating content and style is always a plus and images stay uncoupled from a propriety source (e.g. Word files). </p> <p>I really love the resulting notes and student feedback was quite positive. I thought sharing them might be useful for others in the future. The source latex files and raw images can be sent upon request (I'm considering making a Github repository in the future). I'll briefly talk about the document below and certain decisions that were made to get it to its current state. </p>
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