the nobel prize browser


Made a small app that allows browsing of Nobel Laureates. Also provides link to their Wikipedia and Pubmed. Might expand to include pictures or some publications. Enjoy!

The Nobel Prize site is quite useful. There are also Wikipedia pages that list laureates. I wanted to translate them into a nifty app as a way to test the ability to dynamically load information into a page from a MySQL database via jQuery .load() method and PHP.

Grave and acute accents, umlauts, carons, tildes, and other foreign marks should work (yay UTF-8!). I'll add descriptions for the Peace and Literature prizes this weekend—Done!

Note: choosing all for both date and type of prize returns no award because I'd rather not load 800+ rows into your browser. You'll thank me. links to each years winners might not work for very old (think 1910s) prizes—as I've automated this part—but appears to work as of this posting.

I'll be making a github repo for this project and include a .sql and .csv file of the database, as that is one of the more useful results from the project. Stay tuned!

nobel prize browser

The Nobel Prize Browser

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