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On the Subject of Something was my original blog during high-school and early college. My Opera (the site it was hosted on) closed down and I was unaware of this fact during the grace period during which they allowed users to export the content from their website. However, I am extremely grateful to the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine, which allowed me to recover many of the webpages. I've included links to all the relevant posts that I could recover. Enjoy!

Below is a mostly reconstructed list of posts made on my old website/blog On the Subject of Something. Many of these posts were written during high school and the first year of college at MIT. The focus was mainly on video games, their culture, and related topics; though, I began introducing the short story series later on. One reason for the focus on games was at the time I had been extensively involved in the simExchange, an online video game sales prediction market. This kept me constantly up-to-date on both the business-side of video games as well as which ideas or topics were trending or falling out of style. On the other hand, some posts, such as 2008-08-06 - On Design Challenge, Part 1, were initial displays of other works I was doing or interested in.

Internet Archive: Wayback Machine has been invaluable in allowing me to reconstruct many aspects of the site after Opera closed down it's blogs (lesson learned, host your own content if possible!). While several posts are missing, and hopefully I can recover them, this is much better than having nothing. However, it also made me realize how insanely fragile our internet history is, and why we need more organizations like the Internet Archive making sure that all the ones and zeros don't disappear into the ether.

In the end, it's fun to look back on what one wrote long ago and how writing styles and focus have changed over time.

2006-03-03 - Spore, the power of the human mind
2006-03-03 - The DSlite Launched
2006-03-03 - The Gimpy Penguin
2006-03-05 - Micheal Jordan
2006-03-05 - On the Origin of the Blog - Comments
2006-03-05 - On the Origin of the Blog
2006-03-05 - Volkswagen
2006-03-07 - A little drought in the desert
2006-03-08 - On Retro Gamers
2006-03-09 - Michael Jordan, Part 2
2006-03-09 - On Macs and PCs
2006-03-11 - Super Mario Bros
2006-03-14 - The Strategy of FPS vs RTS
2006-03-17 - On Gaming Culture, Part 1
2006-03-19 - On Symbols and the Mind
2006-03-23 - GDC
2006-03-24 - High-Quality Image The Big Three
2006-03-26 - On Gaming Culture, Part 2
2006-03-28 - High Quality Image, The Big Three (Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin)
2006-03-29 - On the beauty of scripts
2006-04-02 - On the review of movies
2006-04-04 - On the memorable screenshot
2006-04-08 - On Gaming Culutre, Part 3
2006-04-15 - On Quotes, Part 1
2006-04-18 - On the classics of the web
2006-04-22 - On unique ideas, part 1
2006-04-25 - On the Nintendo DS, part 1
2006-04-30 - On Quotes, part 2
2006-05-07 - On E3
2006-05-14 - On Updates
2006-05-16 - On my favorite games
2006-05-18 - On Asian Breakers
2006-05-24 - On Peak Oil
2006-06-04 - On Gaming Culture, part 4
2006-06-07 - On a great flash movie, part 1
2006-06-09 - On my favorite games, part 2
2006-06-24 - On Individuality
2006-07-06 - On Gaming Culture, part 5
2006-07-27 - On the Gamecube, Nintendo and a Catch-22 - Comments
2006-07-27 - On the Gamecube, Nintendo and a Catch-22
2006-07-29 - On World Soccer Parody
2006-07-31 - On CSS
2006-08-14 - On Quotes, part 3
2006-10-09 - On the Blog, reborn
2006-10-18 - On Novint Falcon, part 1
2006-10-20 - On The Departed
2006-11-08 - On PS3, Part 1
2006-11-18 - On the PS3, Part 2
2006-11-18 - On the Wii, Part 1
2006-12-02 - On the GBA, Part 1
2006-12-08 - On the Greatest Games, Civilization II
2006-12-16 - On Nintendo64 versus Playstation, Part 1
2006-12-25 - On The SimExchange
2007-01-13 - 404 Not Found
2007-01-13 - On Gameplay vs. Graphics
2007-01-28 - On the Future of Gaming
2007-02-10 - 404 Not Found
2007-02-10 - On Games for Windows
2007-02-18 - On Nostalgia, Part 1
2007-02-25 - On the Art of Gaming
2007-03-06 - On the End Game and Beyond
2007-03-24 - On Knytt
2007-06-28 - On Chalk, Crayon and Seiklus
2007-07-04 - On TheSimExchange, Part 2
2007-07-15 - On My Favorite Games, Part 3
2007-07-15 - On My Favourite Games, Part 3
2007-12-22 - On Most Influential Games, Part 1
2007-12-24 - On Hulu, Part 1
2008-05-04 - On Video Gaming Addiction
2008-05-22 - On What Money Can Not Buy
2008-06-15 - On Capitalism, Part 1
2008-06-23 - On The Revolution A Manifesto
2008-07-20 - On Water Conservation, Part 1
2008-07-25 - On The Road to Serfdom
2008-08-06 - On Design Challenge, Part 1
2008-08-15 - On the Posts
2008-10-14 - On FIFA 09 Demo
2008-12-07 - On Short Story Series, Part 4
2009-01-11 - On Crysis Demo, Barrel Kills
2009-06-23 - On Feel Like Making Love - George Benson
2009-07-29 - On Windows 7, Part 1
2009-11-06 - On Short Story Series, Part 9
2009-11-20 - On Short Story Series, Part 10
2009-12-09 - On Short Story Series, Part 12
2009-12-15 - On Opera Customization, Part 1 - backup2
2009-12-15 - On Opera Customization, Part 1
2009-12-21 - On Short Story Series, Part 13
2009-12-30 - On Modern vs Classical Art
2010-01-08 - On My Favorite Games, Part 3
2010-10-28 - Text-based SpeedDial

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