an exhaustive search for the truth
18 april 2014 | short story

The project had started out with a simple question: would it be faster to assemble complete knowledge about all truths past, present, and f[...]uture through scientific inquiry or via brute force computation?

2042: antibiotics
29 march 2014 | short story

A micro story about antibiotics.[...]

sochi olympic stats: medal count
19 february 2014 | america

There have been several articles that re-order the medal count ranking by comparing medals to population or GDP, which then show small coun[...]tries topping the charts. This analysis ignores some obvious facts: small countries are over-represented in the number of athletes they send and the relationship between athletes sent and medals is linear. I present a brief analysis to support and expand on these claims.

dealing with variable options (varargin) in matlab
17 february 2014 | programming

There are various ways to handle variable input arguments (varargin) in Matlab. I present the standard method i use that is relatively flex[...]ible and allows for readable code.

r functions: city skylines
28 december 2013 | programming

An artistic rendering of Boston's skyline using R. Code and source data are included.[...]

city skylines: boston
28 December 2013 | designs

The heights of various buildings in Boston's skyline, converted into polar coordinates and randomly grouped.[...]

coding practices, part 1
10 december 2013 | programming

Some thoughts on coding practices and an outline of a work-flow that i find useful when starting any project. Future posts will focus on co[...]ncrete examples.

interaction space
03 november 2013 | short story

What is a conversation?[...]

excess humanity
26 october 2013 | short story

The point was nearing when humanity needed to optimize the population. And so the question arose: how many humans do we need?[...]

passing command-line parameters to imagej
11 october 2013 | programming

The processes of passing command-line parameters to ImageJ plugins isn't the most direct. Illustrated is a simple solution to this problem,[...] full code included.

the human abstraction
06 october 2013 | short story

How much effort would you expend to abstract man?[...]

blue bubble pop
25 august 2013 | short story

If you are reading this—the book should be entitled BLUe buBBle PoP, not blue bubble pop or Bl[...]ue Bubble Pop or even bluE bubblE poP as the backwards pinkle squishes are like to do, but BLUe buBBle PoP—then you’ve found the world of pink raspberry. Now, one might ask, what is pink raspberry?
What happens when you are sitting in a room waiting for an experiment to finish.

r functions: knitr wrapper
13 july 2013 | programming

Thought i'd share the wrapper function i use to knit files using the excellent knitr[...] package in R. This allows easy creation of an html page that integrates commentary, R code, and the resulting plots (which are base64 encoded, so the html file is fully portable).

from the archives: declaration of independence, internet edition
11 july 2013 | america

A revised Declaration of Independence I did awhile ago (i.e. high school) for a writing class. It is slightly a mockery of the style of wri[...]ting sometimes used back then, e.g. finding unnecessarily complicated ways of saying a simple concept; long, ponderous sentences; and an abuse of the Capital.

thomas jefferson
10 July 2013 | designs

He got us the Louisiana Purchase and wrote the Declaration of Indepedence. Enough said.[...]
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