bash scripting: playlist maker
23 march 2013 | programming

Decided to take another stab at converting small programs to bash. This time, the python playlist maker was updated to bash and greatly sim[...]plified, no longer need to do sketchy recursions.

Catalase Reaction
09 March 2013 | designs

An old, proposed catalase mechanism I pieced together from various sou[...]rces and made in ChemDraw. Need to go back and verify it at some point...

Neural Network Diagram
08 March 2013 | designs

Short diagram for bio42 illustrating several types of neural networks:[...] self-, feed-forward, and lateral inhibition along with a model of pain and instestinal peristalsis.

Hypothalamus thermoregulation
02 March 2013 | designs

Made this for bio42 physiology section. Wanted to convey how the hypot[...]halamus responds to inputs in an easy to understand way. Started to use more colors in diagrams and different hues to make it easier to look at.

bash scripting: batch file renamer
25 february 2013 | programming

Bit by bit, I have replaced repetitive tasks completed using downloaded programs with scripts that do the same thing more efficiently, with[...]out the residual registry and file junk many programs leave, and with the flexibility to allow me to modify the script to suite specific needs in the future. This was the case with batch renaming files. I've included the script and briefly go over the code.

club coat check logo
23 February 2013 | designs

Wanted to improve the logo slightly by added the original club coat ch[...]eck logo from the website I made along with making the text style more blocky, to better align with the slick, modern feel. The background is sci-fi in feel, but the pastel gives the whole logo a slight retro feel.

simrun: stage one
18 february 2013 | short story

I bobbed my head up and down, the music reaching a crescendo. My arms lay stretched out in front of me and I did a few punching motions[...]. Rotating my head, I look to my left and right then down at my feet. My laces were undone. And the clock was ticking. 3. I gazed into the distance, where the crowd had gathered. Whooping and yelping, they were in a ravenous mood today. This was to be the big race. Not the championship. The Championship.

How would you respond to a simulated race gone awry?

bio42: diagrams, part 1
25 january 2013 | teaching

Had a couple minutes to spare before leaving lab, so decided to throw together some diagrams to help explain a couple biological pathways s[...]tudents of bio42, a bio class at Stanford I'm TAing. Hoping to make a set for each system we study. Started with vesicle budding and fusion along with muscle contraction in smooth and skeletal muscles.

Muscle Contraction
23 January 2013 | designs

This outlines smooth and skeletal muscle contraction. Trying to show s[...]imilarity in pathways for students and get the basic components down.

Vesicle Trafficking
23 January 2013 | designs

Created this for bio42, which I am TAing. Outlines the basic component[...]s of vesicle budding and fusion.

Determining Fear
24 December 2012 | designs

Wanted a quick function to determine how fearful I should be (or shoul[...]d have been) under certain scenarios at particular points in my life.

stanford bing concert hall: first impressions
15 december 2012 | stanford

Designed by architect Richard Olcott (Ennead Architects) and sound designer Dr. Yasuhisa T[...]oyota (Nagata Acoustics), the Bing Concert Hall is stunning. Robert Campbell (Fisher Dachs Associates) was on hand during the second sound check (along with Richard and Dr. Toyota) to discuss the philosophy behind the building, a bit of history, and where they hope it will be in the future. This post is my impressions of the place along with notes from their interview.

freedom in a dying world
01 december 2012 | short story

Flash, crackle, bang. Pit-pat, pit-pat, pit-pat. The flare skidded down the long, narrow tunnel that appeared to stretch downward forev[...]er. Another corridor, if you want to call the passages in this labyrinth of a make-shift cave that, ran to our right. Behind us, a sliver of light, flickering on and off, spilling in from the opening from whence we came. We all gave each other the look-n-nod, donned our breathing masks then proceeded to attach the hooks and ropes. Minutes later, one by one, we rappelled down into the abyss below...

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