the reporter
23 november 2012 | short story

I was blown off my feet! The entire place was a mess, people everywhere! I don't know what to say, I just...I don't know, it was just..[...].Jesus! The people, there were people all over the ground!

A new organization can 'predict' the future and uses it to get the story first rather than manipulate or prevent horrible events from occurring.

automatic python playlist creator
16 november 2012 | programming

Now that I've gotten back in the python groove somewhat, wanted to make a playlist script that recursively went through a folder, found all[...] files in a sub-folder and create a playlist from them. Implementation described and link to github repository.

BIO200 Proposal Small
11 November 2012 | designs

The graphical abstract was supposed to illustrate one hypothesis for d[...]etermining the coupling between BOLD and neuronal activity. This is the improved, more concise version.

the graphical abstract, part 1
11 november 2012 | science

The graphical abstract is an effective way to convey a complex message in an eye pleasing format that is easily digested. I wanted to creat[...]e a neuroscience-based one as it would be an extension of my work with creating graphic designs and would take advantage of my current studies. From the initial, crowded to the final, clean abstract, I'll go through my thought process and provide links to useful resources.

BIO200 Proposal
30 October 2012 | designs

The graphical abstract was supposed to illustrate one hypothesis for d[...]etermining the coupling between BOLD and neuronal activity.

justifying hyphens
21 october 2012 | website

Justified text is awesome. Clean lines align well with other elements and it doesn't produce a crazy jagged edge. But without hyphens, prob[...]lems quickly arise. Some lines have super large spaces between words and the end look is quite ugly. There are several solutions: css, server-side, and javascript.

week 9-12 | scooting along
17 october 2012 | singapore

And here it seemed I'd forgotten to write about the last exhilarating weeks in Singapore. Fear not! Beautiful buildings, a Hong Kong speed-[...]run, and more food await the eager reader.

the nobel prize browser
12 october 2012 | science

Made a small app that allows browsing of Nobel Laureates. Also provides link to their Wikipedia and Pubmed. Might expand to include picture[...]s or some publications. Enjoy!

facebook crawler and youtube api: part 1
07 october 2012 | programming

Created a small app, implemented in python and PHP, that crawls authenticated Facebook page for Youtube videos and adds them to a specified[...] user's Youtube playlist. Useful for groups that post a lot of youtube videos and want a centralized playlist to share with others. I'll go over some of the implementation details in this post.

archive everything!
01 october 2012 | notes

Archived everything in my inbox. It's awesome. Continues my general trend of simplifying. Logging off websites, only checking the news for [...]brief periods, and focusing on a core set of hobbies. Eliminating distractions and reducing information overload are doing wonders to fight off stress and keep me humming along.

Ron Paul
29 September 2012 | designs

Ron Paul often speaks the truth regarding foreign, monetary and other policies. He sheds light on the hard decisions we must face. He doesn[...]'t treat the average voter as dimwits, as other candidates do. For those, and many of reasons, he has my vote.

why we need more james polks
25 september 2012 | politics

James J. Polk expanded the territory of the United States by about one-third during his tenure. A remarkable feat. Not only that, but i[...]t was done through an astonishing three ways: territorial conquest, gold and negotiation.

Some thoughts on why we should demand less rhetoric and more pragmatism/details from our presidents.

when darkness falls
18 september 2012 | short story

<em> "You can't <strong>prove</strong> other stars exist!"<br> We lived in fear. Those in the past [...]cannot understand this fear. Swirling under the sea of anxiety is hatred, a deep abhorrence for the past and all it held. I skittered along the barren floor, my features obscure and hidden by the dearth of light. A hundred, thousand, countless years ago there was light, said the old text. But none was to be found. They warned of a time when no 'stars' would twinkle in the sky, but they were wrong. There were never stars.

What happens when the universe changes, forever hiding information about its past.

singapore: final report
16 september 2012 | singapore

Before finishing my adventures in Singapore, I was asked to put together a final report describing my experiences and where the program cou[...]ld improve. Rather than bore you with details, I've included a link to download the report. This is a draft form and I'll update the link with a finished version in the future.

citizenship, war and social networks
09 september 2012 | essay

Scott Adams recently wrote about citizenship and how the Internet [...]will bring the fall of territory-based national governments, and by extension wars. In this post I briefly highlight where he errs and give reasons why country divides will only grow sharper in the coming decades, in part due to competition for dwindling water, oil and other resources along with increasingly fraught intranational civil relations.

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