Hillary Clinton Campaign Poster 2016 No. 2
28 October 2016 | designs

Presidential election 2016 poster no. 13! A Sec. Clinton triple play. For those who believe in equality in all aspects of American [...]life, Sec. Clinton's support of requiring women to register for the draft is a step towards realizing that gender should not influence one's ability to serve.

2016 Election: Truth and Propaganda
27 October 2016 | designs

Surprises and knee-jerk reactions can arise from a fear of wading into the deep, dark swamps where the truth is oft found.[...]

Jill Stein Campaign Poster 2016 No. 1
18 October 2016 | designs

Presidential election 2016 poster no 11! Completing the major candidates set. Even if one doesn't agree with all of her posi[...]tions or worldview, it is worth listening to Dr. Stein's speeches and interviews along with evaluating her stances in greater detail. Might come away with a new idea or two.

Donald J. Trump Campaign Poster 2016 No. 7
04 October 2016 | designs

While everyone focuses on the predictable, over-the-top sayings of one candidate, sometimes it is another's more subtly dicey pronouncement[...]s that cause sweat to start trickling down one's brow.

It may be shrewder to continuously complement—rather than smear with cries of "dictator!"—an elected President who brought prosperity to a crumbling, dispirited, nuclear-armed nation.

Donald J. Trump Campaign Poster 2016 No. 6
14 September 2016 | designs

Assuming a President Trump, this is a 3-for-1 future retrospective with a style reminiscent of some older presidential posters. Tho[...]se who listen to Trump's full speeches/interviews or read his books get a dose of his boundless optimism mixed in with his more pessimistic views about the current state of the Union. Given his current run of policy speeches, focused the poster on the former trait.

2016 presidential election campaign posters
28 august 2016 | politics

A series of posters about the 2016 presidential election. They will focus on the candidates themselves along with how the public reacts to,[...] and is manipulated by, the election as a whole.

Donald J. Trump Campaign Poster 2016 No. 5
26 August 2016 | designs

All the hoary takedowns of Trump and his supporters seem to ignore that many may simply desire another Reagan, TR, or JFK rather than a Wil[...]son, LBJ, or Nixon.

Re: poster, President Trump would be the one audacious enough to declare and wheel-n-deal to get the budget for and excitement behind an American landing on Mars by the end of his second term, yielding to untold technological/scientific benefits similar to the Apollo program.

Gary Johnson Campaign Poster 2016 No. 1
18 August 2016 | designs

Time to get rid of the negative all talk, no action mindset of "You are wasting your vote by voting third party this election", e[...]tc., etc. If you are on the right side of history and want to improve a failed system, do it now! Just like the Founding Fathers did.

2016 Election: Power and the Presidency
04 August 2016 | designs

I'll keep hammering on the need for more positive, high energy surrounding election coverage. What appears to be lacking in the disc[...]ourse surrounding modern Presidential elections is: would people become so impassioned if the Presidency was still constitutionally limited (to Article II)?

Donald J. Trump Campaign Poster 2016 No. 4
20 July 2016 | designs

Sixth in the 2016 Presidential poster series. The poster is self-explanatory. Trump is now the GOP nominee. There needs to be more p[...]ositive, high energy in this election season. That is all.

American Exceptionalism no. 1
04 July 2016 | designs

No context needed, America is awesome. Celebrating Independence Day![...]

Donald J. Trump Campaign Poster 2016 No. 3
07 June 2016 | designs

Fifth in the 2016 Presidential poster series. Went to a Trump rally in San Jose last Thursday (June 2nd) to see what they are like i[...]n person. It was very (positive) high energy and the people I met were courteous, even when noting I wasn't a supporter.

Left the rally and stayed around to observe the anti-Trump protesting (rioting) after. Also high energy, but in a physically violent, intolerant, and nasty way. A complete disgrace.

This poster focuses on the positive high energy.

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