a lasting impression
09 september 2012 | short story

It is a century and a half in the future and I am staring at my grave. Vines crawl up the sides and bits of stone have fallen off in pl[...]aces. Across the top my name is barely visible and the dates of my birth have long since been worn away. I look around the graveyard, at my friends, enemies, confidants and others. All of them are fading, the last vestiges of their existence being worn away by wind and rain. I hear a beep to my left and sigh. The machine only gives me ten minutes per jaunt into the future. And there is no going back, only forward by ten year increments. I started it twenty-four hours ago if my watch is to be believed...

A story about a man's legacy.

guild wars 2 chef excel guide
08 september 2012 | guild wars 2

The chef's ingredients are scattered throughout the Guild Wars 2 map, but the profession is a cheap way to get 10 levels quickly. Because I[...] am OCD and would rather not read text when I can browse a spreadsheet, compiled information from a couple of sources that is more easily searchable.

who needs oxygen?
31 august 2012 | short story

We have entered into unknown territory, the nebula around us swirls with shades of pink, purple and orange and the light of stars long[...] dead. It is a breathtaking sight. There are several young stars drifting through the ether that flare and burn the sky. It has been two years since our last encounter with a solid planet and some of the crew was starting to lose it. Luckily for us, we'd been given some ridiculous suits.

A tale that examines that pressing question of all explorers: How far would you go, and what would you sacrifice, for knowledge?

George Washington
30 August 2012 | designs

People on either side, left or right, tend to disparge opponents. They misrepesent the facts and construe the truth in their favour. This a[...]nnoys me greatly and this quote from Washington's Farewell Adress Speaks to that.

Manifest Destiny
25 August 2012 | designs

A banner for our Guild Wars 2 group. President Polk helped complete th[...]e original Manifest Destiny. The font is Blackadder ITC and helps maintain the somewhat classical feel. However, the sole use of black, white and red is very modern.

flesh and blood
22 august 2012 | short story

Like many people, I was programmed to like my job, least I grow bored or suicidal. But this was the future! The biologist were supposed[...] to engineer out man's desires and policy makers slowly outlaw this barbaric practice. But it is hardly surprising that didn't happen.

A story about the future of prostitution.

week 7 and 8 | good times
20 august 2012 | singapore

Marina Bay Sands, Sydney, Haw Pa Villa and more! The good times keep rolling in Singapore.[...]

sublime text
16 august 2012 | programming

When coding, writing up blog post, or doing any other task, I generally have used Notepad++. It is a great program that au[...]tomatically detects, based on the extension, the type of code you are writing and parses the file accordingly. It is light and gets the job done, but it always felt like it could be taken to the next level. Enter Sublime Text 2, a program that seems to have everything I am looking for in a text editor and then some.

quicklinks github
12 august 2012 | programming

quicklinks is a new homepage for those looking for efficiency over lavish use of big buttons commonly seen in Firefox, Opera and other brow[...]ser's homepages. As quicklinks is still a little rough around the edges and needs to be updated, I've added it to GitHub to allow me to update it easier.

William Taft
10 August 2012 | designs

William Taft is one of the oft forgotten presidents. He was very effic[...]ient and a great problem solver, but this led to problems politically. He became a Supreme Court justice after being president.

powerpoint themes
10 august 2012 | design

Many default PowerPoint themes are too outlandish and graphics heavy for my taste. So over the last year or so, I have begun designing my o[...]wn themes for PowerPoint. I'll go over the design decisions behind a couple and provide links to download the themes.

James J. Polk
06 August 2012 | designs

James Polk was an extraordinary president who accomplished a lot in on[...]ly one term. For this reason he is my favorite president and this is a poster to that.

Benjamin Franklin
05 August 2012 | designs

Benjamin Franklin is the president that never was, a renaissance man w[...]ho masterminded much of the Revolution and helped it mature into the great nation it became.

comment system!
05 august 2012 | website

Wanted to add the ability for people to comment on this website, but delayed adding the feature until I could write the code myself. There [...]are many pre-built PHP solutions on the market (like commentator), but the original purpose of this site was to allow me to learn how to build a website from scratch. So I've implemented the comment system using about a hundred lines of code to access the MySQL database, verify inputs and display all the comments for a particular article.

ted talks
01 august 2012 | essay

Reflections on a couple TED talks.[...]
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