john f. kennedy
12 May 2015 | designs

Decided to begin finishing my series of presidential posters. The best part of JFK's 'We choose to go to the Moon' speech isn't necessarily[...] the actual goal, but the justification for why we want to achieve that goal.

a shifty conversation
19 april 2015 | short story

This short harkens back to some of the older short stories I used to write that focused on word play. It also allows me to hide some of the[...] story and clues as to its meaning within the structure of the punctuation and grammar itself, which is always fun. Plus, gets me back in the mode of posting short stories, especially as I try and finish some of the longer ones I have been working on.

book review: zero to one
20 march 2015 | books

A short review of the excellent Zero to One, mostly analyzing an important question it ask early on: "What important truth do very few[...] people agree with you on?"

book review: the old man's war
13 february 2015 | books

A brilliant science fiction novel that raises many questions and sets up an intriguing universe.[...]

dynamic goodreads sass formatting
18 january 2015 | programming

Putting up some code that might be useful to others when formatting Goodreads widgets using dynamic class creation in SASS.[...]

interstellar review: was this the final cut?
17 december 2014 | movies

A review of Christopher Nolan's latest movie Interstellar. To put it briefly, rarely has a movie so vastly deviated from my expect[...]ations going in. And not in a good way.

neuroscience and biology technologies
30 november 2014 | neuroscience

Earlier this year I created a webpage to list various labs, websites, and other resources related to neuroscience and biotechnology. Decide[...]d to expand on this and create a living document of various technologies currently used in neuroscience.

American Eagle
10 October 2014 | designs

Decided to continue playing around with Illustrator. Wanted to update the bald eagle with a USA flag wallpaper I have. Wanted something a l[...]ittle different and distinct, so went for the cel-shaded look. Maybe next time i'll get an eagle in flight...

Stanford biology retreat 2014 tshirt
06 September 2014 | designs

Simple design I had for the Stanford biology 2014 retreat. Focused on a molecular structure of DNA and a pipette, a commonly used device in[...] biology.

book review: the path to power
29 august 2014 | books

The Path to Power (The Years of Lyndon Johnson) is a sweeping tale about the early years of LBJs life and political career. It is easily on[...]e of the best books I've read in awhile and would heartily recommend to others. Here i'll do a brief review of the book.

book review: the power of myth
11 august 2014 | books

Recently finished The Power of Myth, which covers interviews with Joseph Campbell about myths, and was greatly disappointed. I'll [...]briefly outline why in this review.

evolving actaeon
16 july 2014 | short story

Wanted to quickly turn an idea that came up during a conversation into a short story. Touches on ideas of genetic engineering and cockfight[...]ing.

reading list and book mini-reviews
21 may 2014 | books

Below is the current crop of books I'm reading along with ratings and mini-reviews for other novels I've recently finished. I'm always exci[...]ted to start a new book, so recommendations are welcome!

neuroscience and biology resources
09 may 2014 | science

A continually updated repository of scientific resources (journals, blogs, etc.) in biology with a focus on neuroscience.[...]

custom colormaps in matlab
09 may 2014 | programming

A function to easily create custom colormaps in Matlab.[...]
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