expanding markets and selling sex
07 january 2012 | essay

Sex sells. That simple statement has been used throughout the ages to justify lewd advertisements and other forms of communication, wh[...]ether they are through pictures, videos or other mediums. But while other industries, from cigarette companies to Hollywood, use it passingly to entice people into considering a product they otherwise would not, there is an industry and culture which bases its existence upon this simple fact. That industry is pornography.

A provocative essay I wrote in high school, and touched up for presentation here, that take a look at the porn industry: what makes it tick, how it has innovated and the people involved.

humanism in european art and society
06 january 2012 | essay

One of the main themes of the renaissance was the rebirth in the interest of classical themes or greco-roman culture. Many artist, eit[...]her through paintings, sculptures or architecture, portrayed this general movement by using Greek/roman themes, such as pillars, and integrating it into their works. But it wasn?t just an interest in greek/roman architecture or appearance but also their cultures.

An essay looking at various European paintings and how they were used to capture the essence of European culture, both old and new.

social chair spring 2012
27 december 2011 | psk

My terms as social chair during Fall 2011 went quite well, but there were several things I was unsatisfied with. This presentation outlines[...] several different areas I would like to see improved.

Tsai Lab
26 December 2011 | designs

Implemented the mock-up during a wait at Logan airport. It is world's better than the current site, both navigationally and on the eyes.[...]>

23 December 2011 | designs

InfoAge is a applet I made that allows one to monitor all your system [...]settings. Used the red, white and blue theme to achieve nice contrast and a soft look that is easy on the eyes.

Tsai Lab
22 December 2011 | designs

The Tsai Lab's website was a bit ramshackle and I aimed to improve it. This mock-up is an attempt to improve it.[...]

19 December 2011 | designs

A foray into the abstract. It captures the chaotic nature of my dreams, but it doesn't capture the wonder and Romanticism that prevades the[...]m. Need another go.

Jabez Redesign
19 December 2011 | designs

We have an internal website for Phi Sig. This was one of my redesign m[...]ockups.

MSI Interface
19 December 2011 | designs

I spent some time redesigning my Windows 7 interface to allow for easi[...]er navigation. As a byproduct, it also looked beautiful.

Website Version 2
17 December 2011 | designs

The original site design was a bit bland, so I added a bit of color. S[...]till think of reverting t this design, the colors harken to another era.

filugori: the long tale
11 december 2011 | short story

This was originally called "Human War" and was written mostly during high school. It focused on Bi and several of his crew as the[...]y journeyed across a galaxy filled with alien races, adventure and glory. It was fun-loving, energetic and a bit schizophrenic. While I loved writing it, there were too many borrowed influences for it to be a viable story in the long term and I did a 180 when creating Filugori, which is influenced by this but is much darker.

Phi Sigma Kappa
10 December 2011 | designs

Poster I made for our fraternity's massive 1st lounge TV. A soft blue goes well with white and red. There is an implied diagonal axis to th[...]e poster as well.

30 November 2011 | designs

The number 42 is odd. Originally I obsessed over it due to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. But as I used it more often, it took on a [...]life of its own. The bold text and color I think do the number justice.

Jim Thorpe
22 November 2011 | designs

Design for a Jim Thorpe website.[...]

Mathletes and Athletes
22 November 2011 | designs

Our fall party, people dress as nerds or jocks. Represented both in th[...]is poster and aimed at a paucity of text to proximity of words to pictures to convey the message.

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