killing time
27 july 2012 | short story

I killed Time. And now I stand trial for my crimes. A short story about laziness and the pitfalls of language.[...]

week 5 and 6 | once again
21 july 2012 | singapore

Sometimes it feels like life should have a record button that nicely parses the endless stream of awesomeness that comes at you. Not a came[...]corder or microphone, but a program that understands the world, can automatically find and retrieve the most useful links then type-up a nicely formatted document to present to others. Alas, while some of this technology exist, it isn't in one nice little package. Plus, writing about Singapore is almost as fun as experiencing it. Below are some finds from my fifth and sixth week in Singapore, from adventures in Bali to savouring the taste of Ayam Goreng Pedas Ramen (super spicy!).

weatherman's god
10 july 2012 | short story

"You know Harry, I don't understand this God." "What about him Bob?" "He went through all th[...]e trouble of creating life, only to make it mortal."
"Yes, and...?"
"Well, why did he go through all the trouble of making us, if only to let us die. Seems like a waste."
"There's a lot of waste in the world Bob, this ain't no different."
"No, but think about it. He's omnipresent, no? He sees and knows all. Past, present and future. The whole shebang. But he can't make us immortal?"
"Maybe he can't. Or doesn't want to. That ever cross ya mind?"

A short story about God.

week 4 | ramping up
08 july 2012 | singapore

Massive artificial trees, beautiful orchid gardens, clubbing till late and learning about Singapore from students and labmates--this week w[...]as a blast.

02 july 2012 | essay

I have been recording down many recent and very old dreams in a Word document, which has swelled to over 7,000+ words and contains near one[...] hundred stories. The plan is to clean-up and compile all these stories into one novella that has several characters exploring the dream-worlds with some overarching story to tie it all together. Should be a fun experiment.

week 3 | up and away
02 july 2012 | singapore

Allowed a bit of a breather this week, but nonetheless still full of adventures: getting an equivalent of Montezuma's revenge (but still tr[...]udging on), visiting the awesome Mustafa Indian centre, a trip to Malaysia, biking and plenty more. Let's dive in.

short story collection
24 june 2012 | short story

The short stories that I have written will now include a link to a pdf containing all the short stories on this website and a couple others[...]. The link will stay the same, I'll just update the file from time-to-time.

Obama 2012 Poster Alt
23 June 2012 | designs

Supporting Obama, this poster tries to focus on the positive rather th[...]an the negative. I hope Obama will campaign in this style

Obama 2012 Poster
23 June 2012 | designs

Supporting Obama, this poster tries to focus on the positive rather th[...]an the negative. I hope Obama will campaign in this style

week 2 | day and night
19 june 2012 | singapore

This pace can't keep up. Saw some crazy animals at a night safari, wandered around NUS's campus late at night (the place is chaotic, beauti[...]ful and slightly eerie at night), met with SUTD's president and more. It seems that staying in Singapore for most of the summer is a go, there is so much here to find out and explore. That might also be because I severely underestimated the size of the country (e.g. don't glance at a map's scale and assume 20 miles = 2 miles, haha). Anyhow, here goes, another eventful week summarized in small snippets.

week 1 | go time
12 june 2012 | singapore

Wow, what a week. Ran around Hong Kong, learned a couple new things in the lab, meet a bunch of awesome MIT/SUTD students, went clubbing tw[...]ice, ate a different type (Indian, Indonesian, Muslim, etc.) of food each meal, wandered around Singapore several of the nights and so much more. To top it all off, I was able to learn a ton about Singapore's culture. This place is awesome.

countdown to equality
10 june 2012 | short story

It was December 31st, 2089 and I was feeling a bit hungry. The neighbors down the street were throwing a New Year’s pa[...]rty; they were a superstitious bunch and assumed all their savings would disappear on New Year’s Day due to a computer glitch. I decided to pitch in, though I’m not the superstitious type, just to show my appreciation. The parties from past years, after all, were quite a hoot.

A look at an extreme take on conservation and were it could take us.

putting the customer first
09 june 2012 | short story

“So, Mr. Paterson, I have heard great things about your business. The earnings reports you gave me look stellar. But there arenâ[...]€™t any real details about what your business does. I couldn’t find specific information on your considerable series A funding. As a series B investor, I would like to know a little more before investing.”

We listen in on a business meeting between the founder of a company and a potential investor. What is the business? Well, that fact may surprise you.

week 1 | flying out
09 june 2012 | singapore

I fly out to Singapore today. Two days, 11,459 miles and (hopefully) one A Song of Fire and Ice book later, I'll be in my dream city. Can't[...] wait!

Around the World
04 June 2012 | designs

For the Spring 2012 party[...]
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