04 nov 2011 | design

A crazy, pro-barcelona poster. I love that city.

windows 7 interface
31 oct 2011 | design

Another example of my revised Windows 7 interface with a Metro feel.

27 oct 2011 | design

This movement annoyed me, mostly due to the false statements and ignorance of its supporters. So I made a poster with a Winston Churchill quote.

halloween graffiti party
23 oct 2011 | design

Unfortunately, we only had room for a Halloween or Graffiti party. What did I do? Combined them! This poster used some funky effects. I only like the placement of the text and imagery.

triple tonic thursdays
23 oct 2011 | design

Seemed like a good replacement name for Bromicron. Oh wait, it wasn't.

halloween graffiti
22 oct 2011 | design

Unfortunately, we only had room for a Halloween or Graffiti party. What did I do? Combined them! This is the second poster and I think is more appealing.

american way
20 oct 2011 | design

Basically a pro-America poster. Some people might not get the joke...

email signatures
19 oct 2011 | design

Some people have long, obnoxious email signatures. This is my response.

cowboys and indians
19 oct 2011 | design

Going for a more human centered design and a combination of both Cowboy and Indian.

around the world
19 oct 2011 | design

Fall 2011 poster for our end of year party. Was trying to keep it classy.

american pride
16 oct 2011 | design

Love this poster. Inspired by a conversation with a friend, we were talking about whether America is an example for the world to follow. I focused on two American greats and used the contrast between the drab, authoritative gray with the bright red, white and blue flag to give the image a kick.

im soccer
13 oct 2011 | design

Phi Sig plays in IM Soccer, we normally have good turnout, but when we don't, the following poster can be used.

american sympathy
12 oct 2011 | design

Another pro-America poster. A friend noted that the poster suggest 'Sympathy Bombs', that was unintentional but fits the theme.

usa sympathy
12 oct 2011 | design

Removing the 'Sympathy Bombs' changes the overt meaning, but the message stays the same.

course 6
09 oct 2011 | design

One of the first posters in the MIT Courses series, that made a cartoon that highlighted certain aspects of each course.

phi sig
09 oct 2011 | design

An old-school looking poster for Phi Sig. Gives directions to use Windows 8

phi sig
09 oct 2011 | design

An old-school looking poster for Phi Sig.

09 oct 2011 | design

One of the first design posters, it states many of the things I partake in or enjoy at MIT. Was trying to channel the old Swiss masters.

course 22: nuclear
09 oct 2011 | design

The poster can be interpreted two ways, either as a statement of what nuclear can help bring or the threat it carries.

09 oct 2011 | design

More people should learn spanish. This poster gives a clear reason why: over 400 million people spread out over various countries speak it.

course 17
09 oct 2011 | design

Part of my series of posters for each major at MIT. I think this is one of the better ones.

course 11
09 oct 2011 | design

Was supposed to highlight how urban planning can help the world. A little basic, but gets the message across.

course 10
09 oct 2011 | design

Chemical engineering can induce many thoughts, but I thought that this best symbolized what people thought about. I particularly like the man with the red tube.

29 sep 2011 | design

A new type of social event at Phi Sig we tried fall 2011. Logo a riff on Googles +1 icon.

rubik's cube party
| design

fire and ice
18 sep 2011 | design

Wanted to contrast the two aspects of the party in both the picture, font and coloring. However, there are too many fonts and the onlooker does not know where to focus.

wet wednesday party
11 sep 2011 | design

The first official party of the year, wanted to make the poster harken to fun times and not just drinking.

social calendar fall 2011
01 sep 2011 | design

Fall 2011 social calendar. Focused on giving people detailed information without sending out a boring email.

roof deck party
28 aug 2011 | design

The font suggest fun, the picture suggest old-school sexy. There is a subtle conflict here, but also a suggestion of how the party will go. Not entirely sure it works.

club coat check
08 aug 2011 | design

Original logo for the facebook group.

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