12 mar 2012 | design

An homage to Chris Foss's classic SF work.

12 mar 2012 | design

An homage to Chris Foss's classic SF work. Dark version goes better with the SF feel. Onward signifies the purpose of SF, to give us purpose to make the next journey into the unknown.

relay for life: poster
06 mar 2012 | design

We had a Relay for Life event Spring 2012, I helped with the poster and organization.

relay for life: facebook profile
06 mar 2012 | design

This is the facebook profile picture people could use for our Phi Sig relay for life.

relay for life: dessert preview
06 mar 2012 | design

We had a Relay for Life event Spring 2012, I helped with the posters and organization. This gives a preview of some of the desserts on the menu.

phi sig logos
20 feb 2012 | design

While creating posters in the new cartoon-ish style, realized I needed a set of Phi Sig logos that would match.

graffiti party
20 feb 2012 | design

The original, wide angle graffiti party poster. Was trying to make a cartoon look that stood out.

mardi gras
20 feb 2012 | design

The poster for our Mardi Gras party. Went for a simple, distinct look. Gold and white contrast well with black, so it helps the poster pop out.

graffiti party
20 feb 2012 | design

Early sketch for our CPW party.

graffiti party mock
20 feb 2012 | design

Made my own font for this poster. Focus on large, recognizable text so people won't forget. The lack of anything else intices people to come.

psk social
24 jan 2012 | design

Spring 2012 social calendar, some events changed since I made it.

tsai lab
26 dec 2011 | design

Implemented the mock-up during a wait at Logan airport. It is world's better than the current site, both navigationally and on the eyes.

23 dec 2011 | design

InfoAge is a applet I made that allows one to monitor all your system settings. Used the red, white and blue theme to achieve nice contrast and a soft look that is easy on the eyes.

tsai lab
22 dec 2011 | design

The Tsai Lab's website was a bit ramshackle and I aimed to improve it. This mock-up is an attempt to improve it.

msi interface
19 dec 2011 | design

I spent some time redesigning my Windows 7 interface to allow for easier navigation. As a byproduct, it also looked beautiful.

jabez redesign
19 dec 2011 | design

We have an internal website for Phi Sig. This was one of my redesign mockups.

19 dec 2011 | design

A foray into the abstract. It captures the chaotic nature of my dreams, but it doesn't capture the wonder and Romanticism that prevades them. Need another go.

website version 2
17 dec 2011 | design

The original site design was a bit bland, so I added a bit of color. Still think of reverting t this design, the colors harken to another era.

phi sigma kappa
10 dec 2011 | design

Poster I made for our fraternity's massive 1st lounge TV. A soft blue goes well with white and red. There is an implied diagonal axis to the poster as well.

30 nov 2011 | design

The number 42 is odd. Originally I obsessed over it due to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. But as I used it more often, it took on a life of its own. The bold text and color I think do the number justice.

mathletes and athletes
22 nov 2011 | design

Our fall party, people dress as nerds or jocks. Represented both in this poster and aimed at a paucity of text to proximity of words to pictures to convey the message.

jim thorpe
22 nov 2011 | design

Design for a Jim Thorpe website.

interface 7
20 nov 2011 | design

As you can see, I was gearing up for Windows 8.

fifa one
20 nov 2011 | design

The bracket for the first FIFA tournament at Phi Sig. Wanted to advance beyond the boring spreadsheets seen before.

balanced design
17 nov 2011 | design

The first mock-up for this website. In a way, I've returned to this original, minimalistic design

14 nov 2011 | design

A montage of imagery from Catalina Foothills tennis using the previously created tennis font. Good times.

tennis font
14 nov 2011 | design

I love tennis and this font is meant to convey motion and a sense of modern style.

cowboys and indians
13 nov 2011 | design

Party poster, was going for a more dramatic look.

america ad
12 nov 2011 | design

Somewhat satirical take on American life.

08 nov 2011 | design

Living in Madrid gave me my first homestay experience and I learned a great deal from it--both about myself and Hispanic culture. I'll never forget that experience.

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