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dynamic goodreads sass formatting
18 january 2015 | programming

Putting up some code that might be useful to others when formatting Goodreads widgets using dynamic class creation in SASS.[...]

custom colormaps in matlab
09 may 2014 | programming

A function to easily create custom colormaps in Matlab.[...]

dealing with variable options (varargin) in matlab
17 february 2014 | programming

There are various ways to handle variable input arguments (varargin) in Matlab. I present the standard method i use that is relatively flex[...]ible and allows for readable code.

r functions: city skylines
28 december 2013 | programming

An artistic rendering of Boston's skyline using R. Code and source data are included.[...]

coding practices, part 1
10 december 2013 | programming

Some thoughts on coding practices and an outline of a work-flow that i find useful when starting any project. Future posts will focus on co[...]ncrete examples.

passing command-line parameters to imagej
11 october 2013 | programming

The processes of passing command-line parameters to ImageJ plugins isn't the most direct. Illustrated is a simple solution to this problem,[...] full code included.

r functions: knitr wrapper
13 july 2013 | programming

Thought i'd share the wrapper function i use to knit files using the excellent knitr[...] package in R. This allows easy creation of an html page that integrates commentary, R code, and the resulting plots (which are base64 encoded, so the html file is fully portable).

bash scripting: randomly rename files
13 june 2013 | programming

Small script to enable quick randomization of files in a directory and conversion back to original names later. Original inspiration was a [...]way to blind data analysis, e.g. if studying images from an experiment and don't want to be biased by the conditions applied.

r functions: ggplot barplot with errorbars
06 june 2013 | programming

The best way to create a barplot with errorbars using ggplot in R is not obvious. I'll show a super simple solution.[...]

bash scripting: youtube downloading macro
17 may 2013 | programming

<p> Once again, the command line is the root of all that is good in the world. This time, it has helped improve on a long[...]-standing issue for me: what is the easiest way to get a copy of all the <a href='' target='_blank'>luscious melodies</a> i hear on youtube? Courtesy of <a href='' target='_blank'>youtube-dl</a>, a nifty little command line utility, this problem has been solved. However, every once in awhile it throws errors and i wanted a wrapper bash script to take care of this and some other processing. I'll briefly go over the code. </p>

bash scripting: playlist maker
23 march 2013 | programming

Decided to take another stab at converting small programs to bash. This time, the python playlist maker was updated to bash and greatly sim[...]plified, no longer need to do sketchy recursions.

bash scripting: batch file renamer
25 february 2013 | programming

Bit by bit, I have replaced repetitive tasks completed using downloaded programs with scripts that do the same thing more efficiently, with[...]out the residual registry and file junk many programs leave, and with the flexibility to allow me to modify the script to suite specific needs in the future. This was the case with batch renaming files. I've included the script and briefly go over the code.

automatic python playlist creator
16 november 2012 | programming

Now that I've gotten back in the python groove somewhat, wanted to make a playlist script that recursively went through a folder, found all[...] files in a sub-folder and create a playlist from them. Implementation described and link to github repository.

facebook crawler and youtube api: part 1
07 october 2012 | programming

Created a small app, implemented in python and PHP, that crawls authenticated Facebook page for Youtube videos and adds them to a specified[...] user's Youtube playlist. Useful for groups that post a lot of youtube videos and want a centralized playlist to share with others. I'll go over some of the implementation details in this post.

sublime text
16 august 2012 | programming

When coding, writing up blog post, or doing any other task, I generally have used Notepad++. It is a great program that au[...]tomatically detects, based on the extension, the type of code you are writing and parses the file accordingly. It is light and gets the job done, but it always felt like it could be taken to the next level. Enter Sublime Text 2, a program that seems to have everything I am looking for in a text editor and then some.

quicklinks github
12 august 2012 | programming

quicklinks is a new homepage for those looking for efficiency over lavish use of big buttons commonly seen in Firefox, Opera and other brow[...]ser's homepages. As quicklinks is still a little rough around the edges and needs to be updated, I've added it to GitHub to allow me to update it easier.

29 may 2012 | programming

The new-tab page on most browsers inefficiently uses screen real estate by giving each website a picture and large button. While useful for[...] tablets, it prevents addition of many websites and can't be organized into groups without increasing the number of clicks required. Also, often only one search site is accessible, with the rest found in a drop-down menu. To alleviate this, I created quicklinks. It uses javascript to create a row of categories (that you choose), which when hovered over show associated links. Further, there are several search bars readily avaliable, no extra clicking needed. Enjoy.

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