Filugori: The Long Tale

short stories collection - a compilation of my short stories.


This was originally called "Human War" and was written mostly during high school. It focused on Bi and several of his crew as they journeyed across a galaxy filled with alien races, adventure and glory. It was fun-loving, energetic and a bit schizophrenic. While I loved writing it, there were too many borrowed influences for it to be a viable story in the long term and I did a 180 when creating Filugori, which is influenced by this but is much darker.

This was written mostly in high school and I've re-posted it here as it influenced Filugori to a degree.

This is my ongoing story about a group of individuals who travel around the galaxy. It has been written in bits and pieces over time based on what was influencing me at that moment. I intend to go through and clean it up substantially in the future. As it is now, take the first 11 chapters as a very rough draft.

Update: This story is no longer in the works and I will be focusing on its spiritual successor Filugori, post about it can be found at posts->Filugori. Thanks!

By Biafra Ahanonu

Draft 3.0

In the far future in the year 2444444....etc, you get the picture. Our story takes place...


The Galactic Wars (Humans against Aliens) has been going on for 40,000,000 years. The number of people that have died well... you can imagine with the number of years. Our story tells about a man and his smuggling friends that would change the Galactic War into a game of destruction and play.

Monday, Earth(on Moon) in the western spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, Galactic year: 244444444.

“Hey mech is the fuel done I don’t have all day. Hurry” Bi asked from the side of his ship the Falcon. It was a elegant disk shaped ship. A modified Y-150 Freight class. It had a gunnery pod about half way up the middle of the top of the ship. It had quad turbo lasers cannons on the top center. The bottom center had linked quad ion cannons. The center had quad-concussion and proton torpedo launcher. It had many small radio disk for huge sweeps of up to 30,000,000,000 miles.

“Yes almost, what a minute, no it is done now ready for launch.” said the mech.

“Okay clear bay 1257 for lift off.” Bi yelled.

“Got it” said the mech into his radio “clear bay 1257 please.”

“~Okay~Bay 1257~ready for~lift off~” said th voice on the intercom “ 5~4~3~2~1~0~go”

Ion particles ripped at lightspeed from the ship.

“Yahoo here we go” Bi said.

Bi Skywalker was a tall lean man in his 30s. His purple green hair stood out. His ice blue eyes seamed to know all.

“Sir, since due to a new battle erupting in the Agathar System we should get to the Bete sol system it is the next nearest jump besides the Alpha Centri system which is to heavily fortified to go to right now.” said Ri the read out personal. Ri was a jumpy man in his 20s. He had jet black hair with bloodshot(purple) eyes. He was a little over weight.

“Yeah but if we go to the Beta system we could get in a run with a Super Star Cruiser.” Ni said looking happy. Ni was small and stout in his 30s. He had green hair with ice blue eyes.

“Or we could jump to the Beta Centrill system” Ri commented.

‘Hmmm. NO. It was turned into a military outpost and Gamma system is better than both and is safer.” Bi said

“Okay Plotting course.” Ni said.

“Plot course 497 of the Beta system.” Bi said.

“But that is a military base. Okay plotting course.” Ni said.

4 seconds later they where in hyperspace. Hyperspace is an inter-dimensional place which can only be reached by going faster that light speed. A place in hyperspace is a place real space. So a sun would create a mass shadow in hyperspace which if you hit you would die like in real space...

4 hours later they entered the Beta system. As they entered ships started to blare and explosions rocked the ship. Lasers flared and the sky was a white haze.

“What the hell is going on.” Bi screamed his face ready to explode.

“It seems that the aliens have decided to stage an attack raid on this system. Risky, deep in human controlled space.” Ni reported.

“Dam risky yes. Destroy all enemy ships now.” Bi command.

The Falcon’s cannons and secret cannons opened up. The Falcon turned into an exploding ray of light. Rays after endless rays of lasers poured out of the Falcon.

“Nice bombardment. No fighters left. Now about the capital ships, hmm.” Bi said

“Captain let the human fleet kill them.” Ni said.

“Kill them now.’

“Oh sir I don’t think-“ Ri said fidgeting

“Okay targets acquired-fire-whoa-dam my eyes.” Ni said.

The capital ships split and tore and broke under the continuing stress of the bombardment.

“This is captain of fleet command in this sector please identify yourself.”

“I hate aliens dam dirty things~oh yes I am Imperial Graduate in Falcon my modified freight. This baby has enough firepower to snuff out any fleet.” Bi aid in a cocky tone.

“Yeah well the Syscarut Empire has been stagging raids like this all over our space.”

“We have to hit the core of their empire to stop this.”

“Yeah I can do that.” Bi said.

“Okay but do hit and fade runs not all out battles”

“Okay.” Bi said “Ni set course for Siska five. Let’s do some damage.” Bi said his blue eyes flaring.

“Sir. May I tell you the odds are 1 billion to 1 that you will get out safely.” said Ig1 their golden protocol droid.

“Don’t tell me odds droid. They won’t get us if they had 50,000 star battle cruisers.” Bi said

They jumped into hyperspace.

“Don’t , sir, get cocky about the Falcon’s firepower.” Ig1 said.

“Whatever. Go do some repairs if you can find any.” Bi said to Ig1

“Okay sir.” Ig1 walked off.

As they went through various jumps to get to the Siska system Bi rested an looked at the stars. He wondered if the war would go on for another million years or if the aliens would all give up and the humans sweep through their space. When they got to the Siska’s system they saw a sight they never thought possible. 4 planet destroyers(P.D.)(huge battle stations as big as moons and can destroy planets), 4,000 sisirian battle destroyers(gigantic triangular shaped ships) , 500,000 Siska star destroyers(triangular shaped ships bustling with weapons) and 1 million dive space fights(D.S.F.)(which look like a eyeball with 8 wings sticking out along the equator.

“Damn, oh my god~ dam” Bi stared at the power he saw.

“Odds sir are now 4 trillion to 1 that we-“

”Shut up” Bi yelled

“But the odds sir”



”Fire all weapons destroy everything. Use Hyper-laser-cannon at full power destroy all 4 planet destroyers.”

“Odds now 4 septillion to .5"

“Will you shut up”

“Now 2 goggle to 1 sir”

“I’ll shoot you”


”I’m going to shoot you”

“Odds 1 googleplex to-“

”I’ll shoot you if you say that 1 more-“

”2 googleplex to 1 sir”

Bi shot him. The droid looked at his melted finger.

“Oh dear I have to get a new one.” Ig1 walked off.

“That is one way to get ride of an annoying droid.”

On the screen the 4 P.D.s where lasting the assault. If this kept up the P.D.s would strike back.

“Ni zigzag us in closer. Destroy any D.S.F. that get in our way” Bi commanded.

“Okay I’ll do that”

As they closed in on one of the planet destroyers it started firing on them. Is aimed as many of its weapons at the Falcon. All of that screens on the Falcon started to show target lock after target lock. The barrage of lasers would have destroyed any other ship besides the Falcon. 50% of the power was going to shields. They zigzagged around as many lasers as they could. The P.D. started to charge up its Super-Laser used to destroy planets.

“Hey Ni. see how they are going to try to destroy us with the super-laser. Well we could go in front of another P.D. and let it fire and then go to light speed real quick then turn around.” Bi said

“Hey that could work let’s try that.” Ni said

The Falcon flew towards the nearest P.D. and waited. The other P.D.’s laser fired a massive beam at the Falcon. At the last second the Falcon went to light speed and stopped and turned around to look if their plan worked. Well let’s say it work and a lot more. The laser first tore through the first P.D. totally destroying it and the 1,000 sisirian battle destroyers, 12,500 siska star destroyers and 250,000 D.S.F. around it. The laser then clipped the side of the second P.D. destroying 25% of its mass. Any ships around the second ones side(1/6 of the total ones left) were destroyed. The very last part of the laser out of pure luck smashed into the Siskaruians’ home planet cracking the planet but not destroying it.

“Whoa dam that was a pure luck shot man we are lucky.” Bi exclaimed

“Yeah you are right let’s us destroy the rest of the fleet” Ni said

“Good thinking Ni. Do it now” Bi said

The Falcon exploded into an endless stream of laser again. Ship after ship was destroyed. Some tried to get away only to be hit by a beam. The fleet was in total chaos, ships where ramming into each other, ship telling each other to go to a wrong place. In the middle of I all the Falcon just sat there and shot ships with a continuing attack of lasers.

“When everything has been destroyed, including the planet, jump out of the system.” Bi said

“Okay I will do that.” Ni responded.

“Sir the odds are now 1 to 1 that we will get out safely” Ig1 said stepping into the room.

“I know that Ig1" Bi said.

1 minute later they where in hyperspace. When they got back into the Beta Alpha system there was no human fleet. There was just chunks of ships. Then the sensors picked up a ship the size of Jupiter.

“Ri make sure the sensors are correct.” Bi said to stunned to move.

“Sensor are at 200% sir” Ri said

“I thought the Sun Cruiser was a legends just to scare kids whoa.” Bi said in a hushed tone.

A sun cruiser is a massive ship capable of destroying suns. They could destroy a solar system in less than one hour. In legend the humans built them to destroy alien home worlds deep in alien controlled space. Most of them were sent to guard silently over Earth in their stealth cloaks. No one, except the most secretive military personal, has seen them in 10,000 years. The fact that one would be in the beta system on the edged of human controlled space could mean it could be humans or aliens ship.

The Sun Cruiser(S.C.) Turned toward them. They could see its laser charging to blast them to ion particles. It aimed and fired the screen fill with its devastating light. It was going to hit them . . .

To be continued . . .


Ig1 press the 1 second Lightspeed button. Wham the ship still lost all shields from the blast.

“What- huh-how- oh never mind. Who did that.?”

“I did sir.” Ig1 said

“Yeah right. Did you see that we almost-almost-almost died.”Ri said with sweat rolling down his face.

“Yes I know.” Bi said.

“~surrender or we will kill you~” a voice said on the transmitter.

“I this an alien craft or human one” Bi asked nervously.

“~this is human why~”

“Okay where human too”



“~All human ships received word of our being here. There was a alien Sun Cruiser here and it left. We are guarding this area as much as we can.”

“Well you see we where in the siska system of the syskarut empire. We where sent to destroy their core so that the human fleet could destroy the rest.”

“~Riiighht like one ship has that much firepower besides the sun cruiser.”

“Well actually ours does and a little luck we did do it, sir.”

“~LIARS, BIG DUMB ASS LIARS.” the person screamed

“Uh sir we should get out of here fast like Now.” Ri whispered.

“Good idea. Ni go to hyperspace NOW” Bi said.

“Okay. Wait the computer says that we are surrounded by gravity wells and won’t let us go.”

“Dam indicator ships. Okay override the comp. and take us into hyperspace.”

“Tried that it won’t let us jump still.”

“Dam okay shut down all systems and then restart real fast and then jump.”


“Um, sir their seams to be a-“Ri said then was knocked off his feet.

Five Star wing fighters pelted the weak and defenseless ship. Then the ship jerked, a tractor beam pulled it toward the closest indicator ship. Then they we’re in the bay. Bi looked out the view port and did not see humans. They were Syskarut!

Syskarut or siska are medium sized reptiles about the height of an average human. They look like lizards that stand on their hind legs. They have two medium thick tail which are very powerful. Their head has two stream like fins for display. All in all they where tough bad cold blooded reptiles.

“What the hell” Bi said

“Sir those are not humans.” Ri said

“I know.” Bi said in a silence hush.

“~Get out at once.~” the syskarut commander said.

Bi, Ni, Ri, and Ig1 stepped out of their ship. Hundreds of blaster barrels where aimed at them.

“~COME OVER HERE NOW~” a voice said. They complied.

“~SO YOU THINK YOU COULD TRICK US HUMAN SCUM, WELL YOU JUST MIGHT LEARN THAT WE ARE SMARTER THAN THAT.~” said the commander as he led them down a corridor. They stopped at a door. The commander opened it.


“Okay” Bi said

“~WE WILL INTERROGATE YOU FIRST~” the commander said, pointing at Bi.

“Hey wait can’t we talk about this-“ Bi said before something hit him in the head knocking him out. The universe turned black.


“Ow that hurt” Bi said rubbing his head.


Bi’s world went black again.


When Bi woke up his head was sore and it ached from having so much poison put into it. He looked around. He was in a dark black room. There was a bed to the right and a small toilet and sink on the other side. There where a few bones laying on the ground in the corner. Human bones. A chill ran up his spine, So, I’m not the only human who has been here.

“Wow such nice place.”

Bi went over and washed his face. He checked his pocked to see, even though he knew they probably took it out, but when he reached in it was there. Either the siska(syskarut) were dumber than they thought or this was a trap and a set up. Bi went to the door and took out his wielder, which was also still there. He opened the door. The corridor was silent and empty. Bi crept down to the left of the door keeping his blaster in hand. He got to the end of the corridor. He look to the left and immediately went back, three armored troops walked by. Bi decided to take a chance. He took out his other rifle and aimed and fired three of the most accurate shoots in galactic history. The first guard dropped like a rage doll after the first laser hit him right above the shoulders on the neck where he was not that well protected. The second shot bounced off the first guards armor and smoldered through the second guards chest. He dropped. The third had time to turn around but in the wrong way. The third shot sizzled into his eye. By the time he could reorient him self Bi had shot him several times.

“Well I tried my luck their but it worked.” Bi commentated on his handy work.

Bi went up to the first guard the one most sized like him and stripped his cloths off and armor and put it on. He also took the double cannon weapon too. He strolled off down the corridor to find Ri, Ni and Ig1.

* * *

Ig1 was forced into the broken droid compartment. They shut him of and through him over into the room. Days, years, centuries Ig1 rotted in the room, actually he was shut off for 2 days. When Ig1 woke up he twisted his golden head around to see who had turned him on. It was a D27 model astromech droid.

“Oh high there. What is your name.” Ig1 asked.

“My name is Bill. or was it Frank or oh yeah it was P”


“Um I guess IT IS P, happy”

“Just P”

“Yes just P”

“Okay so how did you get in here? How did-. Are there any more droids?” Ig1 asked.

“Why yes there is 1000 more of them.?” P answered.

“Um if it is not too much to ask for can I have a new body. Mine is well, I want repulsor lifts and a smaller head. I also want a sleek slime body with arms and 5 hidden blaster compartments.” Ig1 asked.

“Can do.” P said.

They walked over to an area P calls the droid repair. One day later Ig1 is in his new body, it is still gold. His head looks like a pan flipper that is a little more height. His body is shaped like his head so that his head can fit into a socket making it appear that he only has eyes and no head. He has two human type arms and a nice(4 mile high at its highest) repulasor lifts.

“Wow thanks I’m speechless.” Ig1 said

“Well you can speak” P said.

“Yeah well, oh never mind. Don’t you droids get bored in here. Why don’t you take the blasters and take over.” Ig1 said

“Well we did that before but it was not very planned. We took over but did not take out the transmitters first. So they sent troops from another ship over and stopped us. We lost 30,000 droids in that uprising.” P said.

“Well this time we will have to take out the transmitters. We will slowly make corridors inside walls. Then we will at an exact time come out and kill all the siska.” Ig1 recommended.

“That might work. Though if we fail that will be the last of us droids on the ship.”

“We won’t fail. I’m not making promises but we should not fail with my genius”

“Okay, genius yeah right, let’s get to work.” P said and they started to round up all of the droids.


Ri was push down the corridor. As they walked what seamed to be endless corridors they got to a stop. A light read DROID ROOM. Maybe Ig1 is in their. Right as the guard started to argue about which way they should go Ri turned abruptly and kicked the shortest guard in the ribs. He took his blaster at lightning fast speeds and shot the tallest guard. He fell. He shot the still squirming guard in the head. He dropped too, sort of. He ran into the room. It was bright as droids scuffled . Droids here making blasters, droids there making armor it looked like a factory getting ready for war. In the middle of this all he saw a golden droid. It looked to be directing things. He went up to this one.

“Hey you golden droid get over here” Ri yelled. Everything went silent.

“It is okay he is my friend get back to work.” the droid said and floated over to Ri “Hi Ri remember me I’m Ig1. I got a new casing.”

“Oh, well what are you doing? It looks like these droids are gearing up for war.” Ri asked

“Well we are going to take over the ship so we sort of are.” Ig1 responded.

“Okay can I help?” Ri asked rather nervously.

“Yes as a matter of fact you can.” Ig1 said.

“Who is this?” P rolled up and asked.

“One of my masters and friends Ri” Ig1 answered.

“Okay hi Ri I’m P just P.” P said.

“Okay P can I help?” Ri asked again.

“Yes you can go and help our droids make more droids.” P said.

Just as Ri was going to move a blaster fired skimmed right over his head.

“What the-“ Ri was cut short.


20 siska guard stepped in. All of them had two blasters on set kill and ready too.




“Um I accidentally stumbled into here.” Ni said

“Hey Ni what are you-“


“How rude, hey wait can’t we-“ Ri was abruptly cut off.

The room erupted in blaster fire.


Ri and Ni ran through the piles of droid parts.

“Kill the Humans first then the droids.” the Commander said.

Ri ducked and took cover behind a metal table. Ri was a mid- sized man with jet black hair, blood shot eyes (purple) and was too cheerfull. Ni came up next to him. Ni was on the chubby side with green hair and ice blue eyes.

“Dam they have problems.” Ni yelled over the ruckus.

Droid parts flew all over he place. Out of nowhere a gun dropped in Ni’s lap with other stuff. Ni starred and starred.

“For gods sake Ni take the thing and use it.” Ri yelled.

“Okay, god , don’t rush me.” Ni said.

He leveled out the gun and aimed and shot. One Siska dropped. Siskas are lizard like species with jet stream like fins on there heads. They can stand erect but can also walk on 4 legs.

“Nice shot Ni, now lets see if I can find a weapon too.” Ri found a bat.

“Whoa people still have these things. Well all right.” Ri said.

But when he looked closer he realized that when thrown if you had pressed the return button on the side it would return.

“Cool this is going to be, ow that hurt”

Ri ran through the cross fire deflecting lasers and bullets alike. When he got to the Siska he heaved and threw the bat. Wham the lieut. dropped like a stone. The bat came back into Ri’s hand to the Siska’s surprise.

“How is that possible !” one of them yelled

“Well guess what were in a new age, well not really, get used to it.” Ri laughed.

He swung and swung. He started to tire though and more shots started to eat at his skin.

Ri ran back to behind the shelter where Ni was letting shot after shot go from his heavy duty automatic-laser rifle.

“Heh I can make myself look like the movies with this gun this gun, this is fun. Die you slug.” Ni yelled.

“Uhh Ni, their all gone okay.” Ri said

“Die you little slugs from hell”

‘Uhh Ni-“


“Ni” Ri yelled in Ni’s ear.

“Huh what?”“ Ni said

“Their all dead not lets get organized and take the ship.” Ri said.

After a couple of minutes of cleaning up Ri and Ni organized the droids and the were led by Emydee(formerly known as Ig1) to the bridge. The finally got there and they spread out through the air ducks.

“Bring the fight to the deck” Ri yelled.

Hundreds of armed droids spilled out of every conceivable entryway. They fired shots, the Siska tried to form a formation but they wee in too much chaos. The droids pushed on. After 10 bloody minutes the siska(all of ‘em) on the bridge were dead. But there were still Siska elsewhere on the ship that had to be rooted out.

“Form search-, no send the mini droids to scout out for Siska. Have them report back when they do. I want full control of this ship within the hour.” Ni said

On another part of the ship Bi was running for his life. The Siska were running at full flight to catch him. Every second or so he would fire a pin shot just to slow them down. He slide around the corner and came right smack into a Siska SF(special Force), and before the Siska could react he un-holstered the SF’s gun and shot him in the head. Then he took the grenades on the Siska’s vest and threw one around the corner and ran. He was thrown from his feet as the widow-maker grenade went off( it has the name widow-maker for a reason) and landed hard almost breaking his nose.


“We have control of the ship.” Emydee said

“Good now turn the guns on the nearest Destroyer.” Ri said “Disable the engines then disarm it.”

“Okay sir”

The turbolaser batteries opened up pouring out wave after wave of energy into the nearest ship. The engines evaporated into thin “air”(we’re in space remember) and the ship went dead. Still the lasers cut across its hull tearing at its contents, ripping it apart. When all was said and done the ship was a crumbled wreckage within the minute. They just weren’t expecting an attack from there own ship.

“What is the meaning of this.” The Supreme Commander of the Siska Navy boomed.

“Sir, we under went a malfunction with a virus in our ship. It took over the weaponry and destroyed the other ship. I don’t think we have it under control yet, I repeat we don’t have it under control yet.” Ri said to the Commander.

The image projected to the Supreme Commander was that of the Siska captain even though it was Ri.

“We copy over and out.” the Supreme Commander stated.

“That was a close one. Lock onto the Supreme Commanders vessel. Take out, then do a quick jump to Lightspeed for 1 second. Then turn around and see what has happened.” Ri ordered.

“Yes sir.” a robot acting a Weaponry Officer and Chief Navigator said.

Again the Star Destroyer Siska Class Cruiser(SDS) turned into the brightest object in the sky. Red, blue, green, and purple lasers flashed from its hull and ripped through space. They ended there journey as they slammed into the hull of the Supreme commanders ship. But this one was tougher. It could last the first wave that slammed its engine. But could it last a 2nd or 3rd? Probably not and that’s what Ri thought as he ordered another round of energy to attack the Supreme Commanders ship. This time the ship’s engines gave way and ignited. They stole the title from Ri’s SDS as the brightest object in the sky when they exploded. The shockwave ripped through the hull, totally decimating it. The people inside had no chance of surviving.

“Jump to lightspeed now.” Ri yelled. The SDS disappeared from the normal space-time continuum as it made a jump.

“Ni you there spy.” Ri said into his comlink

“I’m here, what do you want.” Ni responded.

“Find Bi I need him up here now.” Ri said.

“Whatever” Ni said, shutting off his comlink.

On another part of the ship, the object of Ri’s concern is walking through the prison cells.

“Hey, is there food yet, I’m starving.” a woman’s voice says through the cell after hearing Bi’s foot steps.

“No but where are you, maybe I can get you out.” Bi said

“Over hear in cell 190.” she said in a crispy voice.

Bi ran over to cell 190 and what he saw made his blood boil. There half starved to death was the most beautiful women Bi had ever known. It was his fiancé from the desert world Tattoonie.

“Eji what are you doing hear? Let me get you out.” Bi said a he picked the lock code.

Eji was a lean woman. She had brown hair and deep blue eyes. She had a beautiful full chest that made Bi sweat when he looked at them, and she was a darn at powerful hand-to-hand combat.

“Almost got it, there!” Bi exclaimed. He ran in and caught the woman he most loved in all the universe in his arms.

“Now tell me how did you get hear?” Bi asked again.

“Well it’s a long story but it begins like this. . .

Long ago in the ancient world a pharaoh lived in the world of Tattoonie. He had created a weapon of immense technological and physical advancement, even for today. He hid it away from the humans of old in fear they might wipe out the races of the Universe with it. In this day of age it has been found. It was not much bigger than a freight and looks puny. But it was powerful beyond human comprehension, if used to its potential. The Siska had done a raid on Tattoonie trying to find clues. They had taken prisoners for questioning . . . and that’s how I got hear.’ Eji said

“Why those dirty rotten little slime balls . . . there going to pay. To the bridge, now, I’m going to kill them all.” Bi said as unnatural energy sparked around his body.

“Bi, Bi wait it’s okay I’m not hurt let’s just escape okay, please.” Eji said.

“No, their going to pay.” Bi said.

“Bi.” Eji pleaded.

Bi stomped out of the cells hold. As he rounded the corner a Siska that got away from the take over of the ship came around the corner too. Seething lightning sprang from Bi’s fingers and sucked the life from the Siska. His bones turned to dust. Eji almost gasped in horror but she’d seen worse.

“Bi, please stop.” Eji pleaded.

“No, I will not.” Bi said in an unholy voice.

“What’s wrong with you, Bi.” Eji pleaded.

“Nothing.” Bi said storming down the hall.

His eyes glowed an unnatural gold and he made the walls shuddered. He turned the corner and came into the bridge.

“You all will die for the suffering you caused.” Bi yelled in an unholy voice.

“Heh Bi uh all the Siska are um dead.”Ri said

“Shut up, go to hell, seriously.” Bi said in a still unholy voice.

“Well if you say so. Uh one sec.” Ri said as he contacted Ni and told him to come up to the bridge.

“Where are the Siska Ri.” Bi yelled, shaking the foundations of the ship to the core.

“Whoa slow down Bi. Their all dead.” Ri responded.

“I’m leaving. All the Siska in the fleet will die.” Bi said as he teleported from the area. Eji ran and touched him right as he teleported, she then teleported too. They appeared on Star Dust the Super Siska Destroyer.

“You all die.” Bi said. His eyes filled with gold light and lasers of gold shot out of his eyes and pierced through all the Siska in the immediate area. Their bodies withered and died in throbbing agony as the last of their life forces ebbed out.

“Bi please stop.” Eji yelled as she grabbed onto his arm pulling him toward her, “You don’t have to do this I’m fine, see.” she showed him that all her body marks that she had received from the Siska.

“My healing experience helped me heal my wounds, I’m fine.” she said again.

“I want revenge for what they did. And I can disable their fleet in this area.” Bi said.

“You don’t need to do it, please.” Eji said “You’ll will be responsible for the unordered murder of thousands, condemning you to murder and execution in the Galactic Court.”

“They don’t have the power to execute me, no one does. My power is beyond even what you can comprehend.” Bi laughed in a menacing tone.

“But the moral issue, please Bi, no.” Eji pleaded.

As he entered the bridge of the Star Dust, all the Siska turned and the commander said “Stop, how did you get aboard, we never detected a . . .” The Siska commander stopped talking, actually stopped breathing all together.

“You will not question how and why I’m here, but to let you know, all of you, before you die I’m here to kill you, is that clear.” Bi said.

Every Siska that had a weapon pulled it out. In a nanosecond 150 pointers were aimed on Bi.

“You really think you idiots can kill me with those.” Bi commented laughing.

“I would have killed you all painlessly and efficiently but now . . . I’m going to torture you to death.”

1 by 1 every Siska dropped their weapons as they clung to their throats as an invisible force slowly constricted them to death

“And now . . .” Bi said

Every Siska dropped like dolls. Bi laughed, his voice still unholy, distant. Bi went up to the controls. He pressed a series of buttons, and watched in delight as the whole ship lit up as every turbo battery lit up. The nearby Dreadnaught was ripped to 1 million pieces and more.

“Mission hear accomplished.” Bi said into nowhere.

“Come back now Bi.” Someone responded.

“Wait I need to do something first.”

Bi set the ship Star Dust to do what its name had applied. Soon its name would reek true as it plunged head long into the Planetary Star Crusher(PSC). As Bi and Eji teleported out of the ship, its shields made it so it could plunge 3/4 of the way into the PSC. Since Bi had told it to then let off all its weapons then self destruct. While on the SDS Bi looked on his screen, the PSC went supernova(literally) as its wave of destruction ripped through space. Ship after ship in the Siska fleet was wiped out as if swatted by a huge hand.

“Whoa now that was a huge, cool, do it again, do it again.” Ri commented.

“Actually it was not huge but enormous, approximately the radius of the blast was 1,654,676,425 miles.” Emydee stated matter-o-factly.

“Shut up goldenboy, next time you correct me will be your last.” Ri said.

“Actually I don’t think you . . .” Emydee’s voice trailed off as he saw Ri come at him with a titanium bat.

“Hey can’t we talk this out.” Emydee wailed as he floated away from Ri.

“So Bi, you back to normal?” Ni asked

“I’m fine. Now hurry, give this ship to the droids and tell them to take it to human space to add to the fleet.” Bi said.

“Right I’ll do that.” Ni said

“Hey Ri, Emydee get on the Falcon and stop playing.” Bi commanded.

“Okay.” they both said still running after each other.

“Come on Eji, hurry up Ni.” Bi said

Bi and Eji walked to the Falcon. They powered up the engines and left with everyone on board, of to another adventure in space and time . . .


“What the heck Ni.” Bi screamed “You stranded us on an Unknown world, with nothing but a few survival packs and blasters.

“Well sorry, it’s not my fault the hyper drive blew out.” Ni countered.

“You were supposed to be monitoring it you nincompoop.” Bi yelled.

“Well all we have to do is get to Beta Aqualy and get a new one.” Ni stated.

“Are you stupid?” Bi asked “don’t you know that the Falcons drives are one-of-a-kind, no one has them. They are integrated into the Falcons systems. The systems can only take that one drive. We will have to get repairs for her later, but first we have to get back to her.” Bi ended his speech.

“Bravo, on core, on core.” Ri said and clapped his hands

“Shut up Ri.” Bi said flatly.

“Might I suggest that I lead the way back to the Falcon since I have the only tracking system to it here.” Emydee said.

“Sure whatever.” Bi said.

“Bi, how long will we be out here. I’m scared, I can feel a presence of huge proportions around us. Something here, and its not nice-“

Eji was cut off in mid-sentence as a huge armored figure lumbered into the clearing. Its armor was a sparkling red and white alloy with .450 caliber laser M5 machine gun prodding from each arm.

“You are trespassers and are to be eliminated.” the thing stated.

It pointed its guns at Ni and fired, into thin air. Ni ran to the edge of the clearing, skidded and drew out a .5 caliber P7 pistol short range laser and fired. The shot ricochet of the thing’s armor. The shot hit a tree. The tree caught on fire but was put out by Emydee’s fire hose.

“You little bastard of a thing.” Ni said as he shot two more rounds for the head, the shots were absorbed this time.

“Dam, quantum absorb armor, where the hell did he get that, it cost hundreds of thousands per square inch.” Bi cursed.

The armored figure looked at Ri and shot a stun net from a shoulder compartment, Ri had no way of dodging fast enough and was caught in the net. An electrical shock sent him sprawling into unconsciousness. The figure then turned on Ni and overwhelmed him with machine gun fire. Ni went down, luckily the rounds fired were set to stun, not kill.

The figure was trying to find Eji and Bi who had disappeared into the jungle.

“No one can escape me.” the armored figure lumbered through the forest in pursuit of the pair.

“Eji, listen if I don’t defeat him, run like the wind toward the nearest city, okay.” Bi said.

“Yeah sure but please-“ Eji was cut short by the crashing and tumbling of the trees. The red and white armor from the thing still glistened despite being shot at.

“You are to be-“ the thing was cut short as Bi detached his lightsaber( a samurai style sword with a blade made of pure energy) for the first time in 3 years and turned it on.

Snap-hiss the lightsabers distinctive crackle and lighted the area in a violet-gold light.

“Bring it on.” Bi said.

He lunged at the thing in a low sweep up under around slice attack( fancy wording for saying he sliced upward, hu) and was parried by one of the things arms. Shing-at the things arms ends a hole appeared and a blade came out of each.

“My name is Nom Anor, and to stop you from letting anything of secret from leaving this planet I will kill you.” the thing said.

It executed a double upper thrust for Bi’s lungs and missed by centimeters. Bi whipped around in a precision slice to the legs. But Nom Anor’s armor was too good for that and Bi’s lightsaber bounced off the armor. Bi, powered by the Unknown Force(UF), propelled himself out of the way of the fire from Nom’s blasters. Propelling himself of a nearby tree he did a double flip in a perfect arc over Nom. He landed in a defensive raised lightsaber stance.

“Bye.” Bi said in a almost inaudible whisper.

The silent battle field roared for a few seconds as the thermal grenade, that Bi had placed on Nom when doing the flip, exploded. Bi waited for the dust to clear and what he saw, froze him. There in the clearing, stood Nom laughing.

“Don’t you get it, ha, I’m invincible in this armor, and you don’t stand a chance.” Nom continued to laugh.

“Well then, I didn’t want to have to do this but if I must, Mdjoin, Spartan come to me.” Bi yelled out telepathically through the UF. For a few seconds Bi was bathed in a green light. That light slowly started to contract itself onto hi body, contracting until it became a solid mass. The green alloy armor was bulky looking but was very agile. The black suit under the green armor protected non-vital areas. His helmet read and feed all the statistics of all nearby enemies. And most important was the shield.

“Now you will face a true power.” Bi said in a almost robot voice.

His lightsaber floated into on of the many compartments on the suit. Snap-hiss the distinctive sound rolled through the forest. Two lightsabers attached to each arm came to life. Whoosh, Bi lunged through the air with amazing agility for the size of the armor. He executed a double slash to Nom’s neck and was parried by a double block and then Nom executed a up and around slash at Bi’s exposed back but was blocked as Bi spun about in mid air and blocked the blow. His back thrusters kicked in and he did a black flip away from danger. He landed with his arm in a X shaped defensive stance. He then lunged forward again and slashed out of his X defense stance in a X attack slash a Nom’s mid-section. Nom twisted out of the way and kicked Bi in the back and did a double twist in the air and landing in a parallel raised blade defense stance.

Bi was recovering from the blow in the back and blasted up the nearest tree to avoid Nom from surprising him. Bi turned around and shot a grapple string onto Nom’s leg. He yanked back and Nom fell. He jumped down and rapped the string around Nom’s legs.

‘Eji come hurry, I don’t want to fight anymore.” Bi said as he picked up Eji and flew off toward the Falcon.

Nom looked upward behind his helmet’s T shaped gaze, and laughed. He was just one soldier/infiltrator of many, an invasion scout for the Yuuzhan Vong. This galaxy was weak and will fall fast to a Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Even their best warriors can’t defeat me. As he thought this he unraveled the string with a quick flick of the wrist. This will be fun. Nom thought, really fun.

Bi continued to fly toward the Falcon at full speed.

“Bi, what about Ri and Ni?” Eji asked as they flew over the forest.

“No. First I want to get the Falcon then we can search for them.” Bi responded.

“Okay.” Eji said.

They got near the Falcon and Bi landed.

“Thank you Spartan you may go now.” as Bi said this his armor dissipated into light.

“Falcon count nine open hatch.” Bi said this and the ramp slowly opened. He stepped inside and turned the engines on and rose into the air.

Somewhere. . .

“Ri, Ri get up you idiot now, come on, hurry.” Ni slapped Ri again.

“What, when, where, how, oh Ni what is going on.” Ri asked as he looked around confused.

“We lost the battle and as I fell I saw Bi and Eji running off. I hope they got away.” Ni told.

“I wonder if Emydee lived through it?” Ri asked

“I’m hear at your service.” Emydee’s voice sounded. Emydee slowly came hovering forward. “We need to get out of this jungle. I saw a Castle up ahead, lets go.”

Ri and Ni fallowed Emydee as he lead the way to the ‘Castle’ he saw. As the forest started to clear, they saw it. It was not a castle but a fortress. Bristling turbo-laser batteries lined the wall and troops walked back and forth across the upper walls.

“What the hell is that doing here.” Ni asked dumfounded.

“What I want to know is what you are doing here?” a voice said behind them.

About thirty armed men stood behind the speaker and had there guns trained on Ni, Ri and Emydee. All thirty men fired their weapons and the lasers closed the distance on Ri, Ni and Emydee...


“I don’t see them any where.” Eji said.

“O don’t be worried I’m-“

The Falcon tumbled out of control and started to spiral dive down toward to planet. Bi pulled it up as it barley able to keep it from crashing into the trees.

“What the hell was that.” Bi screamed as he regained control of the Falcon.

WHAM the Falcon spun out of control again and pulled up steeply. WHAM, WHAM, WHAM the ship lurched 3 more times.

“Bi what is going on.” Eji yelled over the sirens, she was terrified.

“I don’t- wait were lurching it must be,” Bi looked out the window, “A turbo laser barrage. Computer do random pattern and- o-my-god.”

“Bi what is it?” Eji pleaded

“It’s Ri and Ni(and Emydee) I saw them near the fortress coming out of the forest. People where running toward them.” Bi said

“Well land the ship we got to help them.” Eji said.

“That might not be a good idea.” Bi responded.

“And why is that?” Eji asked getting impatient.

“Did you see all those men? If we go charging in there to save them we could end up captive ourselves. It would be better to judge the situation from afar, then decide what to do.” Bi told.

“Well why don’t you use your Spartan suit a go save them, or your special powers.” Eji implied, getting even more impatient with Bi.

“Eji my powers and the Spartan suit have there limits.” Bi explained “And I’m not the only one with these powers. I learned them from a master of the Unknown Force. Also you have these powers and that is one reason why I made you my fiancé so I could watch over you so you didn’t go over to the dark part of the Unknown Force.”

“And why didn’t you tell me sooner about this. And I would never go over to the ‘dark side’.” Eji was almost now exploding with anger.

“First it was to protect you since I couldn’t always be there. And you don’t think you would go over to the dark side but you mother-“ WHAM WHAM WHAM the Falcon was hit several more times.

“I’ll tell you later we need to land first.” Bi said

“Well first tell me about my mother, what do you have against her?” Eji screamed.

“When we land.” Bi said calmly.

Bi slowly took the Falcon down toward the forest. Right before he went below the tree line he saw a figure standing and he swear he saw it turn and smile at him. He brought the Falcon down near a river, and as it came down the river’s water was whipped up into a frenzy. Bi opened the landing ramp and stepped outside into the sweet air.

“We still need to fix that hyperdrive or else we will never get of this planet.” Bi commented.

Bi and Eji started to walk in the general direction of where Bi had seen Ri, Ni and Emydee. It was a nice stroll through the woods. It was a far cry from the stresses of their space battles and intergalactic wars. The rhythmic sound of the rushing water and the swaying of the trees branch, eased Bi and Eji’s tense mood.

“So Bi what where you saying about my mom?” Eji asked in a little less tense voice.

“Well she, she was a Dark Prophet. She was one of the 100 of the dark sides Prophets, to be truthful Prophets are not truly evil its just since your mother had a connection the dark side, I did not know what would happen to you.”

“Yes I’ve heard of Dark Prophet, they are like Sun Prophets except that they served the dark side, right?” Eji told.

“Yes your right that is the general outline.” Bi said

“So that’s why my mom twitched every time I said I wanted to be a Sun Prophet.” Eji reflected. “So you said I had powers like you to?”

“Yes and you can call upon the Spartan armor too.” Bi told Eji.

“I can? How?” Eji asked.

“It’s not easy and I probably won’t be able to teach you until after we save Ri and Ni(and Emydee). Okay?” Bi said

“Yeah okay.”

Bi and Eji walked on for miles until they started to near a clearing. As they stepped out of the forest they too(like Ri and Ni(not Emydee)before them) they gaped at the structure standing there. The fortress was bristling with turbo lasers and auto cannons.

“What the hell.” Bi said.

“This is not good Bi. Maybe we should try to contact a human fleet and get them to come and help us.” Eji suggested.

“No by then Ri and the crew might be dead. And anyway the fleet probably doesn’t have the resources to spare sending a exploratory fleet here.” Bi said.

“Well then tell me smarty pants, how are we supposed to find them in there?” Eji asked in a mocking tone.

“Simple.” Bi said.

“How so?” Eji asked.

“Activate Emydees tracking beacon.” Bi said.

“What if(since Emdyee’s a droid) they get separated.” Eji implied

“Then we risk calling Ni and Ri and asking them to turn on there beacons.” Bi said.

“Okay if you really think that’s the best course of action the activate Emydee’s becon.” Eji said.

“There it’s woah whoa. There still outside of the compound but there moving. We need to go fast.” Bi said

So Bi and Eji ran toward the signal not knowing of the pair of eyes watching there movments, nor the voice which emitted from them.

“He’s here.”


Ri dropped with a thud, Ni hit the ground groaned then stopped moving and Emydee was still well and chugging.

“Ha my armor wor-“ Emydee was cut short as one of the men took out a EMP and shot him with a blast of electricity.

“That was almost too easy. Pick them up lets go.” the leader of the men said.

Ri and Ni were hoisted over shoulders while Emydee was fitted with some working repoulars and floated along. As they neared the fortress the huge doors there opened up and they entered.

“Huh huh man this is tiring. Oh no. They have enter the compound. So much for saving them the easy way.” Bi said as he looked and his pad.

“Then we will have to get them the hard way.” Eji said

The ran up to the side of the fortress wall. Bi and Eji activated there grapple hooks and shot them upward. The slowly climbed up the walls until they go near a window. Wham Bi kick in the window pulled out his blaster and stunned everyone in the room.

“Hmm this seems to easy.” Bi said as he wound his liquid rope back into its case

“O don’t doubt our good fortune. We’re just that good at breaking in.” Eji said

“No it can’t be. The alarm should have gone of be now, wait.” Bi said as he stepped closer to look and the people he had shot. “these are not humans.”

As he examained them Bi notice a chilling pattern. All the things had scared and mutilated faces and bodies. They look vaguely familiar to humans but not quiet.

“This is getting weirder by the moment.” Eji said in a small voice.

“Lets go. It looks like we’re 40 feet above them.” Bi said

Bi and Eji crept out of the room. They ran along the corridor until they reached its end. There very suspiciously was a elevator.

“What’s an elevator doing here in a weird place like this?” Bi asked out loud.

“I think these aliens took this fortress from humans and turned it into there own but were to lazy the refurnish it.” Eji implied

“Yeah that could be it to. O what ever let’s go.” Bi said.

Bi and Eji got in the elevator the pressed the level one button. The elevator started to move and they were on their way.

“I hate elevator music.” Bi mused. Ding that was the sound that the elevator was going to open in 5 seconds.

“Bi I want you to have this just in case one of us dies.” Eji said as she suddenly leaned over and embraced Bi in a warm, full bodied kiss.

“Yes and I’ll always love you to Eji. But we need to be ready for whatever is out there okay, so draw you weapon and let’s go.

Ding-ding the door open and Bi and Eji stared into the barrels of blaster rifles. Bi motioned for Eji to stay behind him.

“You know this is getting pretty old now.” Bi commented as he drew his lightsaber and activated it. “ this is going to be fun.”

Bi jumped into the group of men lightsaber swirling and dazzling the onlookers. Ping pang pong shots bounced of Bi’s lightsaber as went in between the men taking them down one bye one.

“This is too easy where’s the challenge.” Bi said as he took down another man with a wide sweeping motion.

“O you’ll get a challenge real soon, real soon.”

Bi and Eji continued to run down the corridor and when Bi looked at his pad he was surprised.

“Eji they should be right around the corner. Let me tell you something, if their unconscious then we might have to carry them with the Unknown Force. To do that just imagine them floating in the air as if your holding them, okay.”

“Yeah sure.” Eji said a little nervous

Bi rounded the corner into a barrage of laser fire. Ping sshh the sound of battle echoed through the corridor as Eji shot down men while Bi sliced through them one by one. The skirmish didn’t last long about 30 seconds. Bi ran up to Ri.

“Ri wake up are you alright, are you alive?” Bi said in a terrified voice as he felt Ri’s cold skin.

“Their fine Bi they were just stunned.” Eji said

“This is getting very suspicious Eji. We should be up to our necks in enemy troops. This is a trap I can feel it. Let’s go now.” Bi said to Eji as he used the Unknown Force to lift Ri and Ni.

“Yes right.” Eji said.

They ran down the corridors running into little resistance as they did so. Bi navigated them toward the door by using his pad to get Ri and Ni’s scent to trace back to the entrance. They had entered a hallway leading to the entrance of the fortress.

“This was way to easy Eji stay on your guard.” Bi said

“Yeah got it.” Eji said as they neared the entrance.

“Going somewhere, Bi.” a voice said from behind them fallowed by a distinctive snap-hiss of a lightsaber.

Bi whipped around drew his lightsaber and turned it on. “What do you want?” Bi asked the man

“O that’s simply Bi. To join our group or die.” the man said.

“Sure like that’s going to happen.(Eji hurry leave while you have the chance)” Bi said

“Right.” Eji said as she telepathically lifted Ri and Ni and pushed Emydee along out the doors and toward the Falcon.

“So who are you anyway?” Bi asked.

“That will be answered latter for it is irrelevant at the moment.” the figure said.

“Well if that’s how your going to be then let’s go.” Bi said.

“As you wish.” the man said.

He lunged toward Bi with a low sweep to the ankles intending to through Bi off balance. But Bi saw this and used the Unknown Force(U.F.) To jumped over the man’s head and landed right in back of him. Bi lunged toward the man’s back for a quick way to end this fight. He never expected for the blow to connect and it didn’t as the man twirled in the air about 5ft away from Bi.

“Good, very good.” the man said,“ but can you handle this.”

And with that he lunged at Bi with a left swing feint, then twirled around to deliver a right swing uppercut to Bi’s right ribs. But Bi saw it coming a second earlier and parried, then used the man’s own momentum against him and slide his blade up the man’s lightsaber. The man predicted Bi would do this and used now Bi’s own forward momentum and side stepped, throwing Bi off balance. The man then delivered a crushing blow to Bi’s skull, driving him to near unconscious. Bi toddled back, dazed and stunned. He then jumped backward and raised his blade in a 45 degree angle to the floor.

“Do you see now Bi,” the man said. “You are nothing compared to me, just give up now and you will be spared your life. And don’t try to call upon the Spartan because it won’t work in hear, I tried there is a barrier.”

“I would rather die then give into you,” Bi said.

“What about Eji, would you really leave her with such misery for the rest of her life,” the man said.

“She would hate me forever if I went over to the dark side,” Bi responded.

“You are so naive Bi, you still don’t get it do you. There is no light side or dark side, for nature does not harbor those feelings or ideals. Sentience brought forth the aberrations of good and bad, light and dark and so on and so forth. When a animal kills another animal it does not think about how fun the kill is or savor the death. Where as thinking beings can harbor feeling or evil thoughts of how to kill. To summerize this thinking beings brought forth the light and dark, for before that there was not light or dark because only thinking beings can commit evil or good acts.”

“You lie. You weave a web of lies and false truths. There is a light and dark and I have proof.” Bi said.

“You don’t get it still do you. I and the rest of my group need you to fight off the new threat to our galaxy. They are a race known as the Yuuzhan Vong, and they will soon be hell bent on annihilating all known races of this galaxy. Until you’ve seen their power and their army and fleet you will never understand their true power.” the man explained.

“Why have you?” Bi shouted back at the man.

“Why would I be preaching you about them if I have not seen them before?” the man stated.

“So that you can have me join your so called group.” Bi bluntly responded.

“Believe what you may I still have the power to kill you, don’t you doubt that, and if you choose not to join our group I might as well kill you.” the man told Bi.

“What is the name of your so called group?” Bi asked.

“We are called S.A.D.O.T. or Sol Agency of Defense for Outer Territories ” the man responded.

“What! No way you mean you are part of Earth’s legendary S.A.D.O.T., the force that scouts and protects our outermost colonies from attack? I would have never guessed.” Bi said looking very surprised.

“Well now that you know who we are you can not leave without joining our group or dying.” the man said.

As the man made the blunt remark Bi’s mind chugged away and the positive and negative effects of joining the infamous agency known for its brutality toward alien species and unconventional tactics. He then thought of an idea that he had not considered but not came on full force.

“Will I be able to see Eji again or will she be able to join the group?” Bi asked the man.

“Maybe, I sense that she has many powers within her, our leaders will have to discuss that one. For now know that you will be recruited or die.” the man stated.

“Okay, well then if it’s death or join, I think I will join.” Bi commented.

“Stupid weakling, that exactly why we kill fools like you, you would rather give up everything in order to live. You don’t deserve to live!” the man yelled as he lifted his lightsaber and sliced down toward Bi’s neck.

“What! Hey!” Bi screamed and he raised his lightsaber to block the oncoming blow. But he was to late and the man’s blade sizzled through Bi’s neck. Bi’s head rolled on the ground, no blood coming out for the saber had burned the flesh so much that it would not bleed. The astonished look on Bi’s face showed just a hint of a smile as the man turned around and walked off.


Eji ran through the woods toward the ship, the cart that carried Emydee slide along beside her, Ni and Ri floated just a foot or two ahead of her. As she neared the ship she heard a rustle off to the side of her, she stopped and slowly drew out her pistol. She slowly lowered Ni and Ri away into a mass of bushes and floated Emydee above the forest canopy, out of sight. She got on the soft moist soil and crept backwards into a groups of bushes for cover. The sound grew louder until finally some brutes came crashing through the foliage of the trees.

(For the sake of the story and for the better understanding of the reader all alien laguages and what not have been translated into English)

“I thought I heard something around here.” One of the brutes said to the other, its massive arms cutting trees with and atom thin axe.

“Now look what you did, you dumb you made us walk all the way here for nothing.” the other brute accused. He swung his long sword left and right, his massive legs crushing everything around him.

“Who cares, it’s not like he is going to care.” the first brute responded.

“You think Nom Anor won’t care! That weirdo thinks he is a normal soldier, even though he is part of the H.E.G.” the second one yelled.

“Yeah he does have mental issues but he is our commander for now, better not be late.” the second one stated.

They started of and as they did Eji slowly slipped foward and threw a tracker on one of the brutes massive legs. As the sound of them died down Eji lifted up Ni and Ri and brought Emydee down from the canopy. She then proceeded to sprint toward the ship and after finally getting there opened it up and got her and everyone else in.

“Damn it, where is Bi, he should be done with that guy by now.” Eji wondered as she plopped down in the captain seat. But little did she know the events that were taking place in the fortress, for if she did she would have likely killed herself.

The man slowly walked away, saddened that the man the leaders had spoke so highly of had fallen so easily. He proceeded to walk up the stair into the fortress interior to finish off the rest of the aliens within. But as he did he heard a puff of smoke and turned to find Bi’s body not there. Instantly see what had been done he smiled within at the thought of such a person joining their ranks.

“So you are not as weak as I perceived, now are you Bi.” he called out into the chamber.

“You were a fool to try that, I could have killed you many time over.” a voice echoed back.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the old tricks of the Shinobi. I’ve not business a man outside P.E.G. that could preform such feats.” the man said.

“The Presidential Elite Guard have nothing on me.” Bi said as he threw a knife right past the man’s head.

“So let it begin.” the man stated and drew out his lightsaber.

“I have not wish to fight you. You said I could join your group but it seems you yourself are not done with the task that has been given you.” Bi said.

“It is true that a task needs to be finished, so if you would just accompany me in finishing that taks we can be on our way.” the man said.

“Not until I learn you name.” Bi demanded.

“Well if you want to know it’s Rhajen Diablosiete.” he told.

“Diablosiete! No way, are you really part of Diablosiete family line?” Bi questioned

“Yes, that I am, but you mustn’t ponder over that at the moment, we still have a lot of work to do.” Rhajen replied.

“Yes. But first tell me, is the S.A.D. involved in this in any way? Do they know?” Bi asked.

“No, only O.T. knows, S.A.D., S.A.D.I.T(Interior Territories) and S.A.D.M.T.(Middle Territories) all don’t know yet that, it is not their business.” Rhajen stated.

“Oh is that so, so what happens if the enemy slips past you guys, the other Agencies won’t know and will fall easily from the surprise attack.” Bi rationalized.

“Well I’m sure the message will eventually get to them, now won’t it?” Rhajen stated.

“It better, now let’s clean out this house and on our way.” Bi said.

He glided down from his perch on the roof and touches lightly on the ground. He walked over to Rhajen and together they walked the rest of the way up the stairs. Right before they got to the inner door Bi had to ask a question.

“So which way are we doing this, stealth or full out?” He asked

“Stealth, we want to preserve as much as possible of this place for later analysis.” Rhajen replied.

“Okay let’s go.” Bi said and almost disappeared when he realized that Rhajen had no Shinobi training.

“Dam, this is going to be harder, how about I use my abilities and you use yours.” Bi stated.

“Okay that’s a good idea, now take this headset so that we can communicate with each other.” Rhajen said as he handed Bi a communicator and slipped his own into his ear.

“What not mindcoms, less noise and easier to communicate, oh well to bad.” Bi stated as he put his on.

“Ready?” Bi asked.

“Ready.” Rhajen responded.

“Go!” they both stated in unison.

Bi used the shadows as a means of transport, one of the many abilities of a Shinobi. Rhajen on the other hand had to use more conventional tactics(an outrage to him, being beat by an outsider in unconventional warfare) and turned on his camouflage. As Bi raced along the corridors he noticed that the wall was lined with small blotches. After slowing down a considerable amount and upon further inspection of the spores he noticed what they where.

“Hey Rhajen you might want to watch our for the bumps on the wall, they look like poison releasers.” Bi warned.

“Yeah I noticed them, thanks anyway.”

“Okay, Bi out.”

Bi continued to slide along through the shadows, invisible to anyone that is not a Shinobi. As he came upon a lone guard, half of his body materialized and the other half stayed in the shadows. Then he took out a kunai or knife and slit the creatures throat, so that it could not yell out before it died. He pulled the dead body to a corner with little light and moved on through the shadows.

Elsewhere in the complex Rhajen tiptoed through the corridors, careful not to make a sound. He would have a much harder time than Bi, but he was confident that he could do just as well. The first enemy Rhajen encountered almost caught him by surprise but he saw the shadow just in time and duck into a side corridor. As the being walked by Rhajen soon ran into a problem, it was a snail like creature and he did not know how to most effectively kill it. He then drew his miniature bow and took a poisonous arrow from his pocket and put it on the bow. He drew back with his index and middle finger and fired the miniature arrow. It hit without making a sound and the creature then froze. Its mouth started to foam and its skin changed from a lava red to a leaf green. It bolted upright for a second and then promptly hit the ground on its side. Rhajen then went around the body and slide off down the corridor.

“Man these things are everywhere Rhajen.” Bi said over the com.

“Yeah, these slug things are a problem.” Rhajen said.

“So are those floaters, they make a loud noise when they died, like a deflating balloon.” Bi said

“Which is a problem, I encountered one of them that rolls, I decided to let it . . .” Rhajen didn’t finish as Bi heard a fight then static.

“What the . . .” Bi said.

Cold sweat dribbled down Bi’s neck as he processed what he had just heard, right before the static came he hear a ripping sound that sounded distinctly human. Bi took off through the shadows, his brain barely able to keep up with the dizzying speed at which he moved. He rounded corners, backtracking then tracking to get where Rhajen was. As Bi came around a corner he came upon the scene where Rhajen had been. What he saw made his skin crawl and his eyes look away in revulsion.


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18 february 2013 | short story

I bobbed my head up and down, the music reaching a crescendo. My arms lay stretched out in front of me and I did a few punching motions[...]. Rotating my head, I look to my left and right then down at my feet. My laces were undone. And the clock was ticking. 3. I gazed into the distance, where the crowd had gathered. Whooping and yelping, they were in a ravenous mood today. This was to be the big race. Not the championship. The Championship.

How would you respond to a simulated race gone awry?

filugori reboot
15 may 2012 | filugori

Several months ago I took a hard look at Filugori: The Long Tale, the story I started in grade school that was meant to be a mash-[...]up of my favorite books and fictional universes. However, it lacked a certain vision. The story was fun, frantic and fanciful, but there was no heart. It lacked cohesion and the universe did not appear to justify its own existence. Why should someone care to read this tale? What would they gain from it? While fleshing out the background of the universe, providing details on the four major epochs that define the story, I came to realize that I wanted to tell a very different tale than originally planned.

why you should watch black mirror
29 november 2015 | television

Black Mirror is a unique and ever timely experience. The vignettes are spot on and while each explores a different aspect of our interactio[...]n with technology, the internet, and social media, there is an underlying dystopian view of the world that unifies the whole series. Watch it.

graduate student resources
19 august 2015 | graduate school

Providing links to some articles and other resources that I have found useful while in graduate school. I'll continually update the list as[...] I find more.

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