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If you are reading this—the book should be entitled BLUe buBBle PoP, not blue bubble pop or Blue Bubble Pop or even bluE bubblE poP as the backwards pinkle squishes are like to do, but BLUe buBBle PoP—then you’ve found the world of pink raspberry. Now, one might ask, what is pink raspberry?

What happens when you are sitting in a room waiting for an experiment to finish.

Do not ask whence or how this story crawled into my mind and onto this page, but here it is (well, to be honest, it's what happens when you are sitting in a room waiting for an experiment to finish). Somehow it would seem appropriate to watch gummy and bubble pop at the same time to experience this fully. Lean more towards the bubble pop.

BLUe buBBle PoP1

volume 1, chapter 1, section 1, part 1

by passion fruit fizzle2

If you are reading this—the book should be entitled BLUe buBBle PoP, not blue bubble pop or Blue Bubble Pop or even bluE bubblE poP as the backwards pinkle squishes are like to do, but BLUe buBBle PoP—then you’ve found the world of pink raspberry. Now, one might ask, what is pink raspberry? Sounds delicious, even nutritious. But it is neither, and don’t you forget it. Actually, before i tell you about pink raspberry, i’ll let you in on a little story about WaSP or as it is known in long-speak, Watermelon ashes (with a sprinkle of) Soda PoP—don’t forget the part inside the parenthesis, it is part of the name! And it is ashes not Ashes (we don’t play cricket here!).

Now, WaSP is a small little thing next to TINKLE, i won’t spell that one out but suffice to say it starts with Tomatoes In…ah well, since you are on pink raspberry, it is unlikely you have access to the Soda PoP stream and won’t be searching for TINKLE anytime soon. TINKLE means Tomatoes In Need (of a smidgen of) Ketchup (for) LettucE. LettucE was a well respected pink raspberrian who happened to leave for TIN3 awhile back before the arrival of Ketchup. Now, Tomatoes In Need never quite felt resolved with its place in the world, always wanting a bit more, so it asked LettucE to find it a partner. Well, you can guess the rest of that story. Anyways, back to WaSP.

As you have probably discerned, pink raspberry is quite a wonderful place. We never quite resolved to form into a planet and instead settled on a swirling collection of magma that has stayed warm and crispy since the dawn of time. If you haven’t already, fly to pink raspberry Ice to see the best of our world, or take advantage of pink raspberry Smoothie to sample the wonderful collision of molten lava and delicious plasma. In truth, there are no raspberries on pink raspberry, but we needn’t trouble ourselves with semantics here.

Now, about WaSP. As you can (probably) guess it is likely related to BLUe buBBle PoP. Well, you would be correct! But, you must be asking, what is BLUe buBBle PoP? How did this splendid tome come to be? Well, i shall tell all in time, just you wait.

Now, you must listen carefully, PoP was having a nice conversation with yellow Candy when it dawn upon us all that a sumptuous blue was missing from our repertoire, that glorious mixture of the infinite space between mango Lime Lassi and Jello Supreme!. Oh, let me tell you a story about mango Lime Lassi, an absolutely marvelous tale concerned with the meeting of and little mango.

You see, little mango used to be in love with Ketchup, but as you already know, Ketchup was taken by LettucE to help TIN become whole. Now, little mango was a quite angry little being, having been born from a black hole and forged in the brutal environment of dual quasars—little mango skin was hard as rock and it’s interior is said to be home to a small black hole filled with gorilla worms4 and hairless spider monkeys5. But on the outside, it6 appeared normal. Dragon Fruit Sizzle was…well let say it knew its way around the Salad Bowl. The Salad Bowl7? Perhaps you’ve begun to wonder, i shall explain!

I assume you have came to pink raspberry because you accidentally encountered a grapefruit delight and fell into its trap; thus, you likely come from a place similar to ours, only you-all eat us whereas here we eat you. But do not worry, pink raspberry has long been deserted…anyways, Salad Bowl is our term for everything. Like you can have a Salad Bowl of work to finish. Or, you’re my entire Salad Bowl. You understand, let’s finish the story of mango Lime Lassi’s fruition.

Dragon Fruit Sizzle met little mango in the Salad Bowl sometime in the future, assuming you are reading BLUe buBBle PoP, and not the infamous BLue buBBle PoP, then it is currently jiggle wiggle and a judicious dose of asparagus rather than wiGGle jiggle with two helpings of pop and you are a slight bit behind in terms of current events in the Salad Bowl. We haven’t quite figured out why, but we seem to jump around a lot and certain fruits disappear without notice only to arrive much younger several years later. We have concluded that time in the Salad Bowl isn’t quite linear, but follows some quirky series of jumps that our best Salad Dressers have so far failed to decipher. But alas, i have strayed from the crème de la crème of this story, what is WaSP?!

WaSP8 came about after a ravenous feast that saw a majority of the Salad Bowl’s population disappear in a rather rapid series of awkward events9. Now, i mustn’t dwell on such a terrible and fortuitous circumstance, but rather, this points to the mystery and myth that is WaSP. You see, ashes used to arrive from time to time and give the Salad Bowl a rather marvelous feast of peppers, oranges, and limes. Yet, ashes always seemed to disappear before the time was right and there never `twas a being able to contain the fiery ashes. However, around wiggle Jiggle (several years in the future from when this book was written, so likely several hundred of your years in the past), Watermelon appeared with a splash. He crushed half the Salad Bowl and destroyed a good chunk of pink raspberry, leaving her in the current state with which she resides. Now, seeing as this happened in the future, Dragon Fruit Sizzle decided to revise the past to match current events during his time, thus the lack of any discrepancies that your puny other-worldly mind might have trouble comprehending.

Now, along with obliterating half the Salad Bowl, Watermelon happened to smother part of ashes, which came to the attention of both PoP and Soda. Now, you probably remember the chance mention of the Soda PoP stream, our wondrous creation that allows a person to access information from all parts of Salad Bowl in mere seconds. As you can probably deduce, it was created by Soda PoP—NOT Soda and PoP as is commonly (mistakenly) noted…else we would have named it Soda-PoP. Now Soda PoP was the grandmother of both Soda and PoP and being the creator of the most divine invention, we hastened to grant them status befitting the kin of a (demi-)god. Now, when Watermelon decided to harm as aspect of ashes, Soda and PoP decided to punish Watermelon. Soda and PoP imprisoned him in an iron-clad cage of steel and titanium then called upon their grandmother. Soda PoP arrived in a flourish and demanded to know what contrivance had caused them to have her leave the Sugar Rush Bowl in the middle of a Hule10 with Gingerbread11. They told the story and Soda PoP immediately conjured up a bit of magic, a sprinkle if you will, that forced Watermelon’s prison to be shut for all time. He was sequestered into a dashing corner of the Salad Bowl, where all the posh fruits when to party, as punishment. He would spend the rest of his days watching others enjoying life while he wasted away. And as a pub joke, little mango named him WaSP, after that most useless and evil of creatures.

But there are so many other stories that need to be told, adventures waiting to be revealed, heroic conquest is search of a reader—alas, this is the end of BLUe buBBle PoP, volume 1, chapter 1, section 1, part 1. Continue onto to volume 1, chapter 1, section 1, part 2 for more dazzling tales from the Salad Bowl and beyond. Or jump to volume 7, chapter 3000, section 3, part 23 for the much sought after story of Durian soup in Berlin12. Farewell for now brave traveling reader! And be sure to explore pink raspberry while you still have time.

  1. We would like to thank the thousands of authors (10,302 for the OCD amongst us) who took part is writing different parts of this book.

  2. I would highly advise against searching the Soda PoP stream for this author.

  3. Tomatoes In Need.

  4. These are particular nasty breed of worm, the species is Gorilla elegans for the scientific readers.

  5. These are NOT Ateles fusciceps, but an different species altogether. They haven’t been given a classification yet, as they have bellies of californium that defies description.

  6. little mango

  7. You should know what this is, if you are reading this tome. Would a blueberry forget what blue is?

  8. Must i remind you? It means Watermelon ashes (with a sprinkle of) Soda PoP.

  9. Or as you might call it, passing away (or as some of a weaker nature might say, moving on [or as a doctor might note, a negative outcome]).

  10. See volume 20, chapter 100, section 10, part 200 for more.

  11. See volume 30, chapter 10, section 300, part 1 for more about this delightful fellow.

  12. We included an olfactory stimulation machine to further enhance that particularly opulent and luxurious story.

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