I am currently pursuing a PhD focused on how neural circuits function normally and during disease in Mark Schnitzer's lab at Stanford University.

In my free time I write short stories, code, take advantage of Bay Area's gorgeous weather, and more!

This site was originally created as a testing ground for me to hone my web development skills. Thus, I designed/coded the site from scratch, this article describes a little about how the site's design has evolved since it's inception.

email: bahanonu [at] alum.mit.edu

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scientific training

I have had the opportunity to work in the following labs (as is probably evident, I wholeheartedly endorse the philosophy that research + traveling = awesome!) and thank everyone for all the help, mentorship, and encouragement.


I would like to thank all those who've helped fund my education and training:

  • HHMI Gilliam Fellowship
  • NSF Graduate Fellowship
  • Gates Millennium Scholarship
  • Eugene & Margaret McDermott Scholarship


Check out the websites of my awesome siblings!

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