a lovely day in the woods
25 november 2008 | short story

It was like a fairy tale, rays shone through the canopy overhead, dust glittered in the autumn air, and two children frolicked about. C[...]hirping, the rustling of leaves and the crackle of twigs breaking underfoot could be heard all around. The children, a boy and a girl, ran across the scene.

An attempt to write a story without any serious conflict the characters must face and resolve. A little harder excersise than I planned, but I hope to build on it someday.

in a world too bright
23 november 2008 | short story

The sun scorched the skin off of my back; below me was an endless throng of citizens, all about to die. How morbid, eh? Haha, well this[...] is my tale, so I?ll start it however I please. If you are reading this, it means you?ve found my journal, flipped through any of the other pages yet?

Assassin? Schizophrenic? Or just a storyteller? This short story focuses on all three aspects of a character obsessed with himself. Set in a futuristic world, we get a glimpse of his life...and his end.

up next!
16 september 2007 | short story

Click I walked down the streets of New York, my skin reflective and my shirt discoloured near the armpits. The subway ticket stil[...]l in my hand almost slipped out and I shoved it into my pocket. My vision blurred for a bit, but my tired body and my sticky hands prevented me from relieving my eyes of the salt and water. My sister walked slightly ahead of me, the clunk of her luggage a soothing melody compared to the rancor the rest of the city seemed to have for my ears.

A slightly fictional look at several events in my life with a story style reminiscent of watching TV.

death takes no bribes
27 august 2007 | short story

The ball whizzed past the net and bounced on the very edge of the service box. I reached out with Herculean effort to hit the ball as [...]it tried to curve away from me. Relief! My return sped towards the middle of the court, only to see him already at the net, Apollo at his back. He sliced the ball to my forehand, I rushed and managed to get to the ball, and turned, waiting for the succeeding surge of energy to do battle with against this unstoppable foe.

A mythical take on a tennis match that I had during high school. Part of a "Kernal Writing" assignment in my high school writing class.

faux pas
11 march 2007 | short story

“Hey sexy, how’re you?” “Don’t you fuck with me, I saw you with the bitch.” “Ah, come on [...]honey, it was just a joke.”
“A joke? I’m your fucking wife asshole. You think your fucking funny don’t you. Look at my face, am I laughing. No, I’m not? That’s what I thought.”

A look at a couple who have no social grace.

just another day
04 march 2007 | short story

He hit me, once again I fell to the ground. “You bitch, you fucking told him didn’t you?” “I didn’t[...] tell . . .”
He struck me again and my cheek began to bleed.

In truth, this is a prequel to Broken and foreshadows the violence and unhappy ending of that tale. This one is shorter, but no more bittersweet.

the misunderstanding
04 march 2007 | short story

What happens when two people use different meanings for the same word.[...]

dies irae, terras irradient
02 february 2007 | short story

“Ye food aging quite well, why don’t ye come in and stop it.” “Ain’t ya the wisest of men, I’m comi[...]ng, I’m coming.”
“What’d ye see out there, herd o’ bison, flock of geese, some lady rambling about?”
“Wha ya on, ain’t no way any ladies come up here.”

There is a scene in Lord of the Rings were the torches are being lite across lonely mountains to warn the realm of the danger from Mordor's armies. I often wondered what the people manning those stations did everyday. So I wrote a story about them.

55 fiction
02 march 2006 | short story

Collection of three short pieces of fiction that contain only fifty-five words. They are all play on words.[...]
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