Course 6
09 October 2011 | designs

One of the first posters in the MIT Courses series, that made a cartoo[...]n that highlighted certain aspects of each course.

29 September 2011 | designs

A new type of social event at Phi Sig we tried fall 2011. Logo a riff [...]on Googles +1 icon.

Fire and Ice
18 September 2011 | designs

Wanted to contrast the two aspects of the party in both the picture, f[...]ont and coloring. However, there are too many fonts and the onlooker does not know where to focus.

Wet Wednesday Party
11 September 2011 | designs

The first official party of the year, wanted to make the poster harken[...] to fun times and not just drinking.

Social Calendar Fall 2011
01 September 2011 | designs

Fall 2011 social calendar. Focused on giving people detailed informati[...]on without sending out a boring email.

Roof Deck Party
28 August 2011 | designs

The font suggest fun, the picture suggest old-school sexy. There is a [...]subtle conflict here, but also a suggestion of how the party will go. Not entirely sure it works.

janelia farm closing symposium
10 august 2011 | science

The Janelia Undergrad program ended with a all-day Symposium during which each undergrad had around 15 minutes to present the results of th[...]eir project. It was a fun way to end the summer and see what the others had been up to.

Club Coat Check
08 August 2011 | designs

Original logo for the facebook group.[...]

Club Coat Check
08 August 2011 | designs

Original logo for the facebook group.[...]

janelia journal club #2
06 july 2011 | science

The second presentation that Alyson and I gave during the Janelia Undergrad program, it was a brilliant paper that used Hidden Markov model[...]s to build a predictive algorithm that could tell you what chromatin states you were in.

janelia opening symposium
24 june 2011 | science

At the beginning of the Janelia Undergrad program we had to give a presentation on what we planned to do. It was a worthwhile experiences t[...]hat made one really focus on the different aspects of your project and get feedback.

janelia journal club #1
15 june 2011 | science

Alyson Yee and I gave the first presentation of the Janelia Undergrad program. The paper tried to tease apart the different aspects of a so[...]ngbird's appearance that most influenced behavior of other birds.

mexico project, final presentation
29 january 2011 | science

I spent January 2011 in Cuernavaca, Mexico and worked on a project to model the Notch and JAK/STAT signaling pathways. This is part of one [...]presentation, which I gave in Spanish.

mexico project, ferrell (1996)
12 january 2011 | science

An educational presentation I gave in Spanish about the differential equation model used in several papers to predict biological pathways.[...]/p>

comp. neuro
30 november 2010 | science

Presentation I gave in 9.29, the computational neuroscience class at MIT. They attempted to build a model that could use the information ob[...]tained from recordings in the prefrontal cortex and other areas of a monkey brain to predict their behavior based on the 'state' their neuron groups were in.

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