29 September 2011 | designs

A new type of social event at Phi Sig we tried fall 2011. Logo a riff [...]on Googles +1 icon.

Fire and Ice
18 September 2011 | designs

Wanted to contrast the two aspects of the party in both the picture, f[...]ont and coloring. However, there are too many fonts and the onlooker does not know where to focus.

Wet Wednesday Party
11 September 2011 | designs

The first official party of the year, wanted to make the poster harken[...] to fun times and not just drinking.

Social Calendar Fall 2011
01 September 2011 | designs

Fall 2011 social calendar. Focused on giving people detailed informati[...]on without sending out a boring email.

Roof Deck Party
28 August 2011 | designs

The font suggest fun, the picture suggest old-school sexy. There is a [...]subtle conflict here, but also a suggestion of how the party will go. Not entirely sure it works.

janelia farm closing symposium
10 august 2011 | science

The Janelia Undergrad program ended with a all-day Symposium during which each undergrad had around 15 minutes to present the results of th[...]eir project. It was a fun way to end the summer and see what the others had been up to.

Club Coat Check
08 August 2011 | designs

Original logo for the facebook group.[...]

Club Coat Check
08 August 2011 | designs

Original logo for the facebook group.[...]

janelia journal club #2
06 july 2011 | science

The second presentation that Alyson and I gave during the Janelia Undergrad program, it was a brilliant paper that used Hidden Markov model[...]s to build a predictive algorithm that could tell you what chromatin states you were in.

janelia opening symposium
24 june 2011 | science

At the beginning of the Janelia Undergrad program we had to give a presentation on what we planned to do. It was a worthwhile experiences t[...]hat made one really focus on the different aspects of your project and get feedback.

janelia journal club #1
15 june 2011 | science

Alyson Yee and I gave the first presentation of the Janelia Undergrad program. The paper tried to tease apart the different aspects of a so[...]ngbird's appearance that most influenced behavior of other birds.

mexico project, final presentation
29 january 2011 | science

I spent January 2011 in Cuernavaca, Mexico and worked on a project to model the Notch and JAK/STAT signaling pathways. This is part of one [...]presentation, which I gave in Spanish.

mexico project, ferrell (1996)
12 january 2011 | science

An educational presentation I gave in Spanish about the differential equation model used in several papers to predict biological pathways.[...]/p>

comp. neuro
30 november 2010 | science

Presentation I gave in 9.29, the computational neuroscience class at MIT. They attempted to build a model that could use the information ob[...]tained from recordings in the prefrontal cortex and other areas of a monkey brain to predict their behavior based on the 'state' their neuron groups were in.

los suenos mios
22 august 2010 | short story | spanish

Tenía miedo de que los demás fuera a descubrir mi secreto. Para mí, cuando estaba en una situación donde las personas empezaron a [...]darse cuenta de mi problema, la única cosa que yo quería hacer era salir o tratar de correr muy lejos. Aunque, hay muchas veces cuando esta acción no era posible y por eso, les mentía.

This Spanish short focuses on the trial of a man accused of rape. It is a look into his mind, more specifically, the dreams he had and their possibly explanation of events that occurred. It is an analysis of the possibility of confusing our real memories with ones created by our dreams.

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